Clinical Commissioning Group Consider New Care Package Options

This article was published on: 10/7/16

Lancashire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) has recently unveiled potential new options for people on continuing healthcare needs by providing three new “personal health budgets”. The options are there to assist people with ongoing healthcare needs decide where money budgeted to them is best spent.

Choosing your care

Continuing healthcare is something offered by the NHS, using NHS funding to assist with those out of hospital who need further care, including services like community nurse visits, in house carers, therapists and any personal care needed like an assistant to help with domestic tasks.

The new care package allows anybody eligible to see what funding is available for them and budget the necessary care to their specific needs. The health budgets can be managed via three ways (details available on the CCG website) ranging from you being the employer of any care services you need to a fully managed service where you get to choose and NHS representatives will manage the financial side completely.

Public opinion wanted

CCG bosses are looking for opinions on the new funding options as it currently is only a draft. Chief Officer at Lancashire CCG Mike Maguire spoke of trying to find ways to better improve services and personal control with available NHS funding, saying:

“As the demand for NHS Continuing Healthcare has increased, it is clear that we need to ensure that we are consistent, fair, open and transparent about how we make our decisions around continuing healthcare.”

“Equally, it is important that we create a policy that has been considered by patients and the public, and that they have a chance to help us to improve it.”

With news articles in the past relating to patients at home not receiving the quality of care (or receiving the care at all) that they need, having a say in what NHS funding does for them and having control can give power and peace of mind to those in continuing care.

Continuing care patients will know first hand what they struggle with at home and what are the biggest priorities are for them. The funding options are designed to give those in nursing homes or living at home more freedom to allocate funding where they need it most, and even have a say in who will be employed to carry out that care.

Stamping out care problems

If you feel you or a relative has experienced poor home care and gave suffered any injury as a result (including developments of disease) then please do get in touch and help us bring it to the attention of the relevant authorities.

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