50% of workplaces “never had an inspection” say TUC

This article was published on: 09/22/16

A Trade Unions Congress (TUC) survey carried out on union reps regarding site safety, has worryingly unearthed that more than half of the UK’s workplaces have never faced a safety inspection.

Construction safety woes

Further to these findings, the survey discovered that 80% of construction firms surveyed, had also never faced a safety inspection, despite its reputation for being one of the most high risk industries.

Building and construction sites are often seen in lists of the UK’s most dangerous workplaces, thanks largely to the use of hazardous materials, heavy vehicles and dangerous tools. While the environmental risks are extremely high in construction, there are usually safeguards in place. These include anything from personal protective equipment (PPE) to bright coloured markings on machines, designed to warn of their presence. There are also strict working procedures put in place to keep all workers free from harm.

However, according to the research many of these companies are still not being inspected to ensure that these safety requirements are being enforced. Health inspectors excel at noticing hazards from an outside perspective, that may otherwise go unnoticed, hence why these inspections are so important.

“Deeply worrying”

TUC General Secretary Frances O’ Grady spoke of her concerns over the findings, saying “I am appalled that 80% of reps in construction say their workplaces haven’t been inspected. Construction workplaces can be some of the most dangerous places to work.”

“Huge cuts to the HSE and to local authorities continue to undermine vital safety protections at work. That means more workers at risk of accidents in unsafe workplaces every day. It’s time to fund the HSE properly and make sure bosses know that they can’t get away with chancing workers’ lives in dangerous workplaces.”

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