Government shelves whiplash reform (for now)

This article was published on: 04/24/17

On Friday we reported the potential shake up of the general election on whiplash reform. The government now confirms it intends not to push the bill through parliament.  The news is great for personal injury victims. It means that it is still possible to claim fair compensation for  soft tissue injuries.

A chance to rethink

The original plan indicated a number of changes to soft tissue injury claims:

The small claims limit for whiplash injuries would rise from £1,000 to £5,000

The small claims limit for all other injuries would rise from £1,000 to £2,000

Adding a fixed tariff for minor road traffic accident injuries.

Claimants, claimant lawyers and the Law Society all weighed in on the decision, happy to see the bill sidelined. To push it through when at such an early stage could have brought numerous problems with clarifications.

The president of the Law Society, Robert Bourns agrees it is a chance to rethink the “misguided” reforms. The society also supports pushing for a rethink. The bill (labelled the Prisons and courts bill) has faced heavy criticism in its blanket covering of soft tissue claims and small claims, punishing claimants.

Swayed by a false narrative

The withdrawal of the reforms may only be temporary but it gives hope to claimants. Built on a false narrative by the insurance industry, access to justice was being threatened.

The narrative looked at many skewed statistics. With more cars and people on the road, accidents are more likely. That being said, major injuries are down substantially. With car safety improving each year, it is encouraging to see only minor injuries during accidents rather than previously serious injuries.

Temporarily scrapping the bill gives claimants some hope for the future. However, a conservative victory will all but guarantee an immediate return to implementing the reforms. It does though mean the October 2018 deadline may be moved to a later date.

If though new minsters are in place (be it conservative or other) it could open up discussions to scrap the bill altogether or ensure soft tissue injuries are protected. Claimants should never suffer in order to protect an already huge insurance industry and we will continue that fight long into the future.

Claim in confidence

Whether the reforms are revisited…

Whichever party comes out on top…

Whatever the extent of your injury…

You can still make a claim in confidence! Scott Rees & Co has been fighting with the legal industry to prevent the reforms, and that fight will continue post election.

While the fight rages on, we can still provide top level legal assistance to accident victims of all types. We provide no win no fee claims services for road traffic accidents from soft tissue claims to the most severe injuries.

If you or somebody you know has suffered an injury in a road traffic accident, legal assistance is available to you. With 25 years of experience, Scott Rees & Co are experts here to help you. If you would like free, impartial, conscientious advice on an injury you have suffered at the hands of somebody else, call 01695 722 222 for a free consultation.

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