Firm fined £600,000 for gross negligence following death

This article was published on: 08/22/16

A liquidated West Midlands company has been fined £600,000 and it’s manager given a 2 year suspended sentence, following the death of an employee in 2012.

Gross negligent manslaughter

In June 2012, Biltson Skips Ltd employee Jagpal Singh suffered heavy internal damage to his organs when he fell eight feet from the top of a skip. He later died at a local hospital.

The incident, which has been described as a tragedy “waiting to happen” has seen then company owner, Bikram Mahli, given, a two year suspended sentence. He has also been fined £10,000 for costs and banned from being director of a company for 12 years.

The fall happened as a result of Jagpal being struck in the chest by the arm of a JCB while stood atop a skip. Mr Singh’s  post-mortem revealed that his lungs had been detached by significant blunt force to the chest.

Leading professionals, including prosecuting QC Michael Burrows, weighed in on the incident, stating “This was an appalling system of work with nothing to segregate people from moving vehicles. Bikram Mahli should never have moved the arm of the excavator to the skip where he knew the worker was. There was an obvious risk of causing serious injury or death.”

His words were added to by specialist prosecutor Dan Jones, who added “Safe working practices were not in place at Bilston Skips Limited. The risk to onsite workers had not been considered and was not managed. The gross neglect of health and safety measures by the company and its manager was so serious that it was criminal. It led directly to the fatal incident that killed Jagpal Singh”

Mr Singh’s death is a prime example of negligent manslaughter in the workplace. Carelessness can costs lives,  especially in workplaces involving heavy machinery.

Irreversible damage

Mr Mahli may feel a £600,000 fine for his company, £10,000 personal fine, suspended sentence and ban may be harsh. However, compared to the life which has been lost, these fines are small prices to pay.

With all fatality claims encountered by Scott Rees & Co, we understand that the void of a lost loved one will never be filled. The most important reason for people making a claim for fatal injury, is to ensure the family get justice in their memory. Compensation can also help secure a bereaved family’s finances, which is especially important in the instance that the deceased was the main earner.

Manslaughter in any environment is not acceptable. Any company that allows standards to slip, as Bilton Skips Ltd did, deserves to be punished by law. A solicitor in this situation will act not only as legal counsel, but also provide extra help in the form of creating a team of specialists to help those left behind plan for life ahead and ensure no financial problems occur in the following years.

Responsible soliciting

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