Compensation is awarded based on the symptoms of your injury, and not the type of injury suffered. This means the values given are only estimates and should not be used as a reference for how much compensation you should expect to receive for your case.

Whilst we do make an effort to keep the information on this website as accurate and up-to-date as possible, you should only treat this information as a guideline. We do not accept liability for any inaccurate or out-of-date information contained on this website at any given time.

A list of the most common wrist injuries and their claim worth can be found below.

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Sprained wrist (Up to £7,800)

You could be awarded up to £7,800 as compensation for suffering a sprained wrist injury from a fall.

A wrist sprain is a soft tissue injury where the ligaments in the wrist have been over-stretched. A wrist sprain can occur in falling accidents where you use your hands to break your fall. The force of impact as your hand hits the ground bends the hand, pulling and tearing the ligament in your wrist and arm.

Colles fracture (~ £5,600)

You could be awarded around £5,600 as compensation for suffering a colles fracture injury from a fall.

A colles fracture is probably the most common type of broken wrist injury that people suffer from falling accidents. A colles fracture is the breaking of the distal radius, which can be found at the end of your radius bone in your forearm. As with most wrist fractures, a colles fracture is suffered when landing heavily on your hands and wrists for breaking your fall.

Dislocated wrist (£2,600 ~ £7,800)

You could be awarded between £2,600 and £7,800 as compensation for suffering a dislocated wrist injury from a fall.

The wrist consists of 8 small bones called carpal bones. A dislocated wrist is when one of these bones has been dislodged. The symptoms of a dislocated wrist include intense pain, swelling and bruising in the wrist. Dislocated wrists can occur when hit by a forceful impact, or by landing on your hands from a fall, and by extreme pressure or twisting on the wrists.

Broken wrist (£2,600 ~ £7,800)

You could be awarded between £2,600 and £7,800 as compensation for suffering a broken wrist injury from a fall.

A broken wrist is when the bones in your wrist have been fractured. This can happen when your wrist is hit by a very forceful blow or impact. Broken wrists are common with fall accidents, accidents at work and road traffic accidents. The value for this bracket is for wrist injuries that eventually make a full recovery.

Tenosynovitis (£2,200 ~ £17,500)

You could be awarded between £2,200 and £17,500 as compensation for suffering tenosynovitis from an accident.

Tendonitis is the inflammation of a tendon. Tenosynovitis is the inflammation of the protective sheath that surrounds a tendon. Symptoms include pain, swelling and stiffness near your joints, such as your hand, wrists, foot and ankles. Tenosynovitis can be caused by diseases, infections, injury or simply by overusing your muscles and tendons. Tenosynovitis can be classed as an industrial disease as it is a repetitive strain injury.

Carpal tunnel syndrome (£2,200 ~ £17,500)

You could be awarded between £2,200 and £17,500 as compensation for developing carpal tunnel syndrome from work.

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a repetitive strain injury that affects the hands and fingers. Carpal tunnel syndrome occurs when the nerve that runs through your wrist to your hands is compressed. This can be caused by wrist injuries or strenuous repetitive work with the hand, such as using your mouse at work for long periods. The symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome include numbness, pain and pins and needles in the hands and fingers.

Find out more about repetitive strain injury and how we can help you.

Serious wrist injuries (£9,500 ~ £45,500)

You could be awarded between £9,500 and £45,500 as compensation for suffering a serious wrist injury in an accident.

In most cases, wrist injuries will recover fully within the first 3 years. This bracket refers to wrist injuries where the damage is permanent and has resulted in some form of disability. There are different tiers of seriousness to wrist disability, from less severe injuries that cause persisting pain and stiffness to the most serious of wrist injuries that cause a complete loss of function of the wrist.

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