Compensation is awarded based on the symptoms of your injury, and not the type of injury suffered. This means the values given are only estimates and should not be used as a reference for how much compensation you should expect to receive for your case.

Whilst we do make an effort to keep the information on this website as accurate and up-to-date as possible, you should only treat this information as a guideline. We do not accept liability for any inaccurate or out-of-date information contained on this website at any given time.

A list of the most common chest injuries, lung injuries, heart injuries and their claim worth can be found below.

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Broken ribs (Up to £3,000)

You could be awarded up to £3,000 as compensation for fracturing your ribs in an accident.

A fractured rib is when the rib bone is cracked or broken. This can happen when the ribs have sustained a heavy impact or blow. Simple rib fractures can take a few weeks to heal and recover.

Collapsed lung (£1,600 ~ £4,000)

You could be awarded between £1,600 and £4,000 as compensation for suffering a collapsed lung in an accident.

A collapsed lung, also known as pneumothorax, is when the air in your lung leaks into the space between your lung and chest wall. The build up of air outside of the lung pressurises the lung, and causes the lung to collapse. A collapsed lung is usually caused by hard trauma to the chest or some form of puncture or penetrating wound.

Inhaled poison (£1,600 ~ £9,500)

You could be awarded between £1,600 and £9,500 as compensation for mild injuries from inhaling fumes, smoke, smog or other toxic gases at work.

The inhalation of smoke or toxic fumes can damage the lungs and hurt the body. Tobacco smoke has carbon monoxide that effectively starves the lungs, brain and body of oxygen. Some paints release toxic fumes that cause toxins to build up in the body, which can cause liver damage and more. Mould spores can be disturbed and inhaled, causing respiratory problems, nausea, headaches and more. Asbestos inhalation can cause lung diseases.

Bronchitis (£1,600 ~ £23,800)

You could be awarded between £1,600 and £23,800 as compensation for developing bronchitis from inhaling toxic fumes and tobacco smoke.

Bronchitis is a lung infection that causes inflammation of the bronchi inside the lungs. You can suffer from bronchitis by breathing in irritant substances such as smog or tobacco smoke. People with chronic bronchitis often develop another smoking-related lung disease called emphysema. Symptoms of bronchitis include breathing difficulties, sort throats, head aches, aches, pains and tiredness.

Moderate chest, lung and heart injuries (£9,500 ~ £41,600)

You could be awarded between £9,500 and £41,600 as compensation for suffering moderate chest, lung and heart injuries in an accident.

Any chest, lung or heart injury that leaves permanent damage but no significant long-term effect on its function is classed as a moderate injury. You can be awarded towards the upper end of the compensation bracket should the injury cause some form of disability as well.

Emphysema (£41,600 ~ £53,200)

You could be awarded between £41,600 and £53,200 as compensation for developing emphysema from smoke inhalation.

Emphysema is a chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) that causes breathing difficulties. It also causes persistent chesty coughs, wheezing, chest infections, sleep disturbance, can highly restrict physical activities and even affect your employment. Emphysema is lung inflammation caused by damage from breathing in tobacco smoke. Emphysema is often suffered alongside chronic bronchitis.

Severe chest, lung and heart injuries (£50,000 ~ £76,500)

You could be awarded between £50,000 and £76,500 as compensation for suffering traumatic chest, lung and heart injuries in an accident.

A chest, lung or heart injury that causes permanent damage with long-term problems can be considered as a severe injury. Breathing may become extremely difficult with severe lung injuries. You may be required to have major heart or lung surgery. Severe chest injuries will cause you physical disability and in some cases can reduce your life expectancy.

Lung cancer (£53,200 ~ £74,000)

You could be awarded between £53,200 and £74,000 as compensation for developing lung cancer from inhaling cancer-causing substances in past workplaces.

Lung cancer is one of the most common cancers and is by far the leading cause of cancer death. This is because lung cancer can develop slowly without any noticeable early signs of symptoms. This means lung cancer is often only realised when already at an advanced stage. Lung cancers can be caused by the inhalation of toxic gases, smoke, mould spores and fumes. If you have not been protected from inhaling substances that have caused you lung cancer, then you could be entitled to a claim.

Find out how we can help if you are suffering an industrial disease caused by work.

Mesothelioma (£53,200 ~ £103,200)

You could be awarded between £53,200 and £103,200 as compensation for developing mesothelioma from inhaling asbestos from past work environments.

Mesothelioma is a lung cancer caused by the inhalation of disturbed asbestos fibres. The asbestos fibres enter the lung and cause irritation and damage. This can result in genetic mutations in the lung and cause mesothelioma to grow. The process of mesothelioma is very slow and gradual, and therefore it is difficult to notice any early symptoms. If you have previously worked in the building and construction industry, or you have come into contact with disturbed asbestos fibres, it is highly recommended that you have a check up with your doctor even if you feel fully fit and fine. You could be entitled to an industrial disease claim for developing mesothelioma as a result of your work.

Find out how we can help if you are suffering mesothelioma from the inhalation of asbestos at work.

Removal of lung (£76,500 ~ £114,100)

You could be awarded between £76,500 and £114,100 as compensation for losing at least one lung in a serious accident.

Losing a lung in a serious accident is incredibly rare. You can still survive even with one lung; however, major surgery will be required. It is likely you will require some form of lung donor or transplant.

Can’t find your injury?

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