European ruling to better protect claimants

This article was published on: 02/7/17

A landmark piece of legislation has just been passed that could help protect legitimately injured claimants from not being able to claim due to rogue sole traders not having correct insurance or bigger companies having financial difficulty.

Insuring ALL vehicles

Earlier this month, the European court issued a judgement which requires all vehicles, including tractors, mobility scooters, forklift trucks and more (essentially any vehicle with a motor) to carry appropriate insurance.

In the past, many claims made by those who were injured by vehicles in a workplace or out and about (for example being hit on a building site by a forklift) would collapse if the firm responsible suffered financial trouble and folded. It also applies to small businesses and single traders who could attempt to vanish, trying to avoid paying out for an injury.

The new legislation ensures that vehicles are covered by more than simply company wide ‘catastrophe insurance’. Having vehicles insured each will tie them in with the Association of British Insurers, allowing claimants to always have an option when claiming for an injury.

The ruling may seem a bit extensive at first, but will ensure there is overall more protection and more options when a person suffers in an incident with a vehicle that isn’t normally insured.

What if I’m involved?

If you are struck by a vehicle on a work site or on the road (that would previously be classed under a business’ catastrophe insurance’) then you will now be able to make a claim safe in the knowledge that you have recourse even if the company or trader folds.

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