Highways England lorry catches 2,700 driving offenders

This article was published on: 10/13/16

A lorry, loaned to the police by Highways England, used the elevated cab over the course of an operation to look at road users and see offences they were committing that they would not normally see. The result saw over 2,700 stopped for unsafe driving practices.

Mobile phone usage

Using mobile phones is a sin many people admit to committing on their daily commutes. While statistics show that police are finding less road users using their mobiles while driving, there are still thousands each year still risking their lives and others to answer calls, send texts and browse social media.

Attempts have been made by the government to further dissuade people of using phones on the road by planning to introduce a mandatory on the spot six points and increased minimum fine from £100 to £200.

In an interview with the Guardian in September, Minister for Transport Chris Grayling MP said that using a mobile phone while driving was “as socially unacceptable as drink or drug driving”.

In London alone, in the first half of this year, 20,000 people have been issued with fines, penalty notices and retraining course enrolments due to their mobile phone use behind the wheel.

Highways England lorry operation

The recent police operation attempted to get a better idea of how many people use mobiles while driving, taking place across the country using a borrowed Highways England lorry. The elevated cab allowed police to see from a different angle.

2,700 people stopped for unsafe driving including an HGV driver texting on one phone and having a conversation on another (video below), a man phoning his girlfriend because “their song came on the radio” and another HGV driver boiling a kettle on the dashboard.

The safety scheme, which includes borrowing the lorries for periods of time, has been running since April 2015 involving 25 local police forces and has seen around 3,500 altogether stopped for dangerous driving practices, the majority of them related to mobile phone and tablet use.

Video courtesy of Highways England

Distraction and collisions

It is no surprise that distracted driving is a major cause of fatalities on roads. Between 2012 and 2014 distracted driving using mobile phones led to 67 deaths in the UK. Any driver who willingly distracts themselves at the wheel, openly runs the risk of ruining their own life as well as other people’s.

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