Did you know – Viewing a property will not give you a full insight into the issues it may have

This article was published on: 02/26/20

Viewing a property will not show all the issues it has

You will not learn of all the risks and issues that affect a property simply by viewing it in person. When you view a property you can notice things such as damp; any notable cracks on walls and windows; the storage space around the house; which way the sun shines on the house and garden; what the nearby area is like etc… The things you can’t learn about, but is very important for helping you make your decision in buying the property include the quality of the ground the property is built on; planning permission that is being carried out; risk of subsidence; if there is a risk of flooding; etc…

To get a full insight into the issues affecting the property, you will need to carry out multiple specialist searches such as local authority searches, environmental searches, drainage and water searches, title searches and more. As part of our conveyancing service to you, we can get all the relevant searches sorted for you at the most affordable prices. We understand that buying or selling property can be a very stressful period for all involved, which is why we aim to provide you the most unstressful service possible! Call us today on 0800 616 035 and get a quote to find out how we can help you!