Truss replaced as Justice Secretary

This article was published on: 06/12/17

In Theresa May’s reshuffle this weekend, the cabinet saw a change in a number of positions. One of note to claimants is that of outgoing Justice Secretary Liz Truss. Moving up to Secretary of the Treasury, her position opened up to a number of potential candidates, eventually going to MP David Lidington.

Meet your new secretary

David Lidington (CBE) is a long standing member of parliament, first taking the position in 1992. Born in London, he originally ran unsuccessfully in 1987 in the Vauxhall constituency, switching to Aylesbury in 1990.

Since his successful 1992 campaign, he has been ever present, working as part of the shadow cabinet between 2002 and 2007. Serving first as Environment Secretary before changing to Secretary of State for Northern Ireland.

Between 2016 and 2017 he was Leader of the House of Commons before this election opened up the possibility of joining Theresa May’s cabinet; accepting the position this weekend. The move marks the 4th Justice Minister in just over 2 years. It also marks the 4th non lawyer in the position in a row. Chris Grayling, Michael Gove and Liz Truss all assumed the position without previous legal experience.

What to expect?

In his opening remarks, David touched on matters important to him. “One issue I care strongly about is access to justice for all. Through diplomacy and financial support across the region we are working hard to ensure that people’s rights to equality before the law and to a fair trial are protected and upheld.”

He did however neglect to mention his stance on the proposed whiplash reforms. Legal executives and claimants alike are hoping for positive news in their continued search to ensure all injuries have easy access to justice.

While policies and stances may take time to fully realize, a number of legal professionals are hopeful of the appointment. Due to his long history in politics it is expected Lidington will likely command more respect than his predecessor.

Does this affect my claim?

At present, if you are injured and suffer an injury due to somebody else’s negligence, you are still able to claim. This includes soft tissue and minor injuries with no penalties or caps. This is very positive news for claimants as it does not affect your rights following injury.

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