Are cyclists being denied justice?

This article was published on: 05/2/17

Cyclists currently have very little police protection. That is what a group of MPs are currently saying after studying statistics. There is a large portion of drivers with 12 points on their licenses without a ban. The MPs believe that this is negatively affecting the safety of cyclists on a daily basis.

Cross party collusion

MPs representing both Labour and Conservative parties  are now calling for police to prioritise roads policing to assist cyclists. As a vulnerable road user, cyclists often face well documented dangers on a daily basis.

The report by the MPs states “The justice system is failing to protect cyclists, both by allowing dangerous and inconsiderate driving to go unchecked”. The report directs attention towards two long term goals. They are to:

  1. Protect cyclists to promote more on our roads
  2. Ensure drivers know driving is a privilege

While the report isn’t trying to blanket ban all drivers with  over 12 points, it does want to highlight the problems with driver attitudes towards their behaviour. One key case study in the report features a driver who kept his licence after killing a cyclist.

The driver in question hit the cyclist while sending a text. Following his plea to keep his licence, the court found in the driver’s favour.  A further investigation would reveal he had done the same on six previous occasions (all for the same charge). This example may not be the norm, but demonstrates that poor drivers can stay on the roads with enough guile.


The report recommends a national rollout of a scheme piloted by West Midlands police. Acting on bikes in plain clothes, officers pulled over offending drivers. They would then explain why their manoeuvres were a safety hazard.

The scheme looks to stop drivers making close passes and overtaking at speed. These are the two offences which pose the most danger to cyclists. With specialist road police down by 39% in recent years, bucking the trend could make roads much safer and in turn encourage more cyclists.

With the general election pending, attitudes towards policing could play a role in whether the report takes a foothold. With policies being gradually announced, it will be interesting to see if one or more parties want to push ahead with increasing road policing.

Help for the injured

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