Crossrail’s hard hitting safety campaigns

February 2016 saw the launch of a new project for Crossrail. A project looking at sharing safety lessons learned over a number of years. The latest addition to the project are a series of hard hitting videos guaranteed to push a very important safety message.

Life lessons

The videos entitled “Health & Safety Impact” each tell a story of how a worker is affected by safety failures. Areas covered by the videos include:

  • Mental Health
  • Inhalation Related Disease
  • Personal Responsibility
  • Spatial Awareness
  • Following Procedures
  • Fire Safety

With construction and industrial workplaces having so many risks, the chance of serious injury is higher than other industries. Staff should help each other and themselves in following procedure; avoiding unnecessary injuries.

Saving lives

The videos hope to reduce injuries in some of the most at risk workplaces. Overall, in 2015/16, 144 workers were killed at work.  Falls from height (26%), being struck by a vehicle (19%) and being struck by a moving object (10%) were the most common reasons for deaths.

Nobody should go to work and not come home, and hopefully the videos will go some way to ensuring that is the reality. Better still, reducing non fatal injury (621,000 in 2015/16) would also greatly benefit UK workers.

While all workplaces carry some level of risk, many can be controlled. If these risks are not controlled by the business in charge however it can be dangerous. If you, a family member or friend has sustained an injury at work, there are help options available.

Legal aid

Firms like Scott Rees & Co are here to help arrange aftercare and calculate financial loss following any sort of workplace injury. Of course serious injuries (or in the worst case fatalities) will have a heavy burden on family due to the extent of injury.

Scott Rees & Co have a strong network of people to cope with recovery from any injury (or to deal with the aftermath of fatality). We understand the more serious the injury, the more work needs to be done to correct the problem. Nurses, mental health workers, surgeons and financial advisers are all at our disposal to assist during recovery.

If you would like to speak to an adviser for free advice and consultation about an injury at work, you can call 01695 722 222. If you’d like to get in touch online you can also do so by filling out our online form here. From there we can assess your injury and offer advice on your best course of action.