Local authorities campaigning for safer crossing

This article was published on: 09/16/16

School children are one of the most vulnerable road users. With the return to school and the number of cars on UK roads constantly increasing, local authorities have begun campaigns to ensure people obey the authority of the local lollipop man or lady.

Stop for the lollipop

Lincolnshire was the latest local authority to embrace the “stop for the lollipop” campaign which looks to ensure drivers obey their local crossing guards and stop when they signal to do so.

Other local authorities have carried out the campaign to educate motorists following accidents in their area to both children and adults. While a crossing guard is a civilian and not a police officer or other public authority, they do have the power to halt traffic which should be obeyed (but often isn’t).

Lincolnshire’s campaign looks to highlight that the exact wording in the highway code which states vehicles “must stop when a school crossing patrol shows a ‘stop for children’ sign”.

Child road fatalities

In 2015, road deaths and serious injuries to children rose for the first time in 20 years. This is worrying news to parents and will be considered disappointing to authorities. Given children’s smaller frames and less developed body, every effort must be made to keep them safe near roads.

The “stop for the lollipop” campaign is just one of many road safety campaigns regularly run to remind drivers to be careful around children and remind parents to keep a close eye on their little ones. With continual campaigning and awareness building, the number of children’s deaths on the roads can fall again.

Legal help

If the worst should happen and your child (or a friend or family member’s child) was struck by a negligent driver, you are able to seek legal help. All injuries, minor to serious, can be dealt with by a solicitor. We will assess the situation and appoint as many specialists onto a case as needed.

If an injury is severe then the sufferer may need various aftercare including physiotherapy, medical treatment, psychological assistance as well as the family requiring financial planning to calculate the cost of care.

If the injury is a fatal injury, the family may require assistance arranging other costs but most importantly could need emotional and psychological support which can be provided to help them through an incredibly difficult time.

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