Crash test shows how far car safety has come

This article was published on: 02/8/17

Twenty years ago the European New Car Assessment Programme (NCAP) was launched in order to improve safety during a collision. The early test results from the programme generated much media attention, with some manufacturers claiming the “assessment criteria were so severe that no car could achieve four stars for occupant protection”. Since then cars have become safer and safer, with many current models attaining 4 and 5 stars. To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Euro NCAP, a car from 1997 was tested against a 2017 vehicle.

Rover Vs. Jazz

The test pitted the most popular selling car of the time, a Rover 100, against a modern family saloon in the Honda Jazz. The results highlighted a huge change in car safety from 1997 to present day. The Rover 100 and many of its competitors scored 1 and 2 stars from the then maximum 4 (and remained so when tested today). The Jazz on the other hand achieved a 5 star rating as do many of its competitors.

Originally many 1997 models also performed poorly on the pedestrian impact tests, having the potential to maim and kill at fairly low speeds. The shift to safer, sturdier cars has given us a range of 4 and 5 star performers while still retaining style.

Below is the video of the test. We can see the dramatic differences between car safety in 1997 and 2017.

Protecting all road users

Differences in protection for all road users since the tests began are encouraging. With the number of deaths on UK roads falling each year (falling at a steady rate since the 1990s), we can feel safer in the knowledge that cars are providing equipment to protect all car users and pedestrians, with new safety features being added regularly.

With advantages of new equipment including anti lock breaking, lane assist, parking sensors and adaptive cruise control now being common features or optional extras, drivers can feel safer.

What if I am injured?

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