Coronavirus has not stopped us working!

This article was published on: 03/24/20

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The coronavirus and yesterday’s UK lockdown announcement means that many people should be self isolating at home, if possible. Many people, including our staff, have already been and still are working from home.

This poses the question; can a solicitor still offer you the full array of their services away from their office? Also, can a solicitor still offer you the full array of their services if you’re self isolating at home?

We don’t know about other solicitors, but our answer is a resounding, ‘Yes’!!

Almost all of our communication with clients is by phone, letters and emails; and this was even BEFORE self-isolation and COVID-19 was a thing!

For the majority of clients that we have helped in the last 27 years, we have never needed face-to-face meetings to complete the legal process for them, and this won’t change.

We can help you even if you’re home-bound. We can help you even if you don’t live locally. We can help even if you’re living over 500 miles away down in Lands End!

In this day and age where the internet and technology available cannot be lived without, we can easily arrange for meetings online via the webcam if you wanted to talk face-to-face with your solicitor.

At Scott Rees & Co, all solicitors are equipped with the remote technology that allows us to carry out our services to you, even in the event of a pandemic crisis! You can read more about how our recent work changes will affect our staff, our clients and professional contacts here.

Whether it’s claiming compensation for an accident you’ve had in the last 3 years; or you need our expert conveyancing service and advice because you’re buying or selling property during these testing times; or you need that all important will writing, now more than ever! We can help.

Call us today on 01695 722 222, or leave us an enquiry here and we’ll see to it as soon as we can. Stay safe, and let’s get through this together.