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No Completion, No Fee

The risk of transaction

Whether you are selling your property to a buyer, or you are buying property from a seller, there is no guarantee that the transaction will complete. A transaction can end at any time as they could pull out of the deal for whatever reason. The risk of the transaction not completing is higher when your transaction is part of a ‘chain‘.

In the event that a transaction fails to complete, then you would still be required to pay us for our service to you. As a sort of insurance policy, we do offer a ‘no completion, no fee’ service. You can find more information about this below.

What is ‘No Completion, No Fee’?

‘No completion, no fee’ – It’s as simple as it sounds. Whether you are buying or selling property or both, if your transaction does not complete then we will not charge you for our fees.

As a result, we do not charge any upfront fees for our service. The introduction of ‘no completion, no fee’ means you only need to pay us on the completion date of your transaction.

If you want the piece of mind of ‘no completion, no fee’, then we can offer this service to you. However, we do charge a little bit more if the deal goes through for the risk we’re taking.

How much do we charge?

There is no set fee as every transaction is different. There are many factors that could affect the overall cost such as whether the property is freehold or leasehold, a flat or a house, registered or unregistered title and many more. Unfortunately due to the far ranging and wide nature of property law, it is difficult to predict all such factors until the process is actually progressing. However we always try and provide an accurate quote for our clients based on the information you can provide to us initially.

For an accurate and relevant cost that applies to your transaction and property, you should contact us today for a quote!

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