A glossary list of definitions for conveyancing terms and abbreviations beginning with ‘T’ can be found below.


The TA6 form is the Property Information Form. See Property Information Form for the definition.


The TA7 form is the Leasehold Information Form. See Leasehold Information Form for the definition.


The TA10 form is the Fittings and Contents Form. See Fittings and Contents Form for the definition.


People occupying a property currently owned by someone else. Typically this arrangement is permitted in exchange for the payment of Rent and formalised through the use of a Tenancy Agreement.

Tenancy Agreement

The document used to formalise the agreement between a property owner and an occupier to permit the occupier to reside at the property.

Tenants in Common

A type of co-ownership where one owner dies, the remaining co-owner is not automatically entitled to his/her share. The deceased co-owner may leave his/her share of the Property to whoever they wish through the use of a Will.

Title Deeds

The documents which used to establish who legally owned a property. Most properties in England and Wales are now registered at the Land Registry so the role of title deeds tend is now more historic and mortgage lenders no longer deem the original copies of these documents to be important; this process has become known as dematerialisation. For leasehold properties, the Lease remains an important Deed. Despite their limited usage you should store any title deeds sent to you in a secure location as the content of these document may become useful during the ownership of the property.

Title Information Document

Document issued by the Land Registry on completion of an application for registration confirming the ownership of the property and any mortgage.

Title Plan

The Title Plan, based on the Ordnance Survey, shows the physical boundaries of the Property. A Title Plan is to scale but is not deemed sufficient to be relied upon in the event of a boundary dispute. In the event a Buyer has concerns regarding the boundary of a Property they should consider having a separate survey commissioned to accurately map the property boundaries.

Transfer Deed

The Land Registry document used to formally transfer ownership of a property from the Seller to the Buyer.


A person buying a property as often stated within a Transfer Deed. Can also be known as a Buyer or Purchaser.


A person selling a property as often stated within a Transfer Deed. Can also be known as a Seller or Vendor.

Transfer of Equity

A document transferring ownership of a share or interest in a property from one person to another


An abbreviation for Tree Preservation Order.

Tree Preservation Order

Can be abbreviated to TPO. An Order made by the local authority designating a tree, or a group of trees, as protected and therefore requiring special permission from the local authority before any person my lop, fell or carry out other works to them. It is a criminal offence to carry out works to protected trees without the necessary prior permission from the local authority.


A transfer of property to trustee(s) for them to hold it for the benefit of another person(s).