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Personal Injury Glossary – P


You will find below a list of definitions for personal injury legal terms and abbreviations found on this website beginning with ‘P’.


Paralegals are important members of any legal team and firm. The role of a paralegal can be very diverse and can range from call handling to assisting with solicitors on certain legal cases.

Part 36 offer

A Part 36 offer is how much compensation you believe you deserve from the accident. Your opponent has 21 days to accept this offer, but late acceptances are permitted. Alternatively they can counter offer.

Particulars of Claim

One of 3 key documents involved when a solicitor issues proceedings. This form details the accident circumstances, the allegations may by you against the defendant(s) and refers to any medical evidence you may be relying on.


A partner is someone who owns part of the company that is legally formed as a partnership.


A party is a person or a group of people belonging to a side. You (the claimant) and your solicitor are a party. The 'other party' or 'third party' refers to the defendant and their insurer.

Pelvis injury

Hip injuries can be quite serious as your hip is the joint that connects your legs with the top half of your body. All hip injuries should be reported to your doctor who can refer you to specialists if needed.

Plastic surgery

Plastic surgery is a type of operation to repair the defects in appearance of a person. This is different to cosmetic surgery where the operation is enhance the appearance of a person.

Post-traumatic stress disorder

Post-traumatic stress disorder can be abbreviated to PTSD. Sufferers of PTSD may suffer from nightmares, feel intense distress and relive sensations of past traumatic experiences.

Product liability

Product liability is when the manufacturer of a faulty product is to blame for the injury caused in an accident. It is the manufacturer's responsibility to ensure their products for sale are fit for purpose and are safe for their consumers.


PTSD stands for post-traumatic stress disorder. Sufferers of PTSD may suffer from nightmares, feel intense distress and relive sensations of past traumatic experiences.

Public liability

Public liability is the responsibility of your local council to protect you from personal injury accidents in public places.

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