You will find below a list of definitions for personal injury legal terms and abbreviations found on this website beginning with ‘I’.

Impaired taste

Impaired taste means everything in your mouth is flavourless. Whilst you can develop impaired taste naturally through aging, it can also be a sign that you have suffered from a head or ear injury.

Impartial advice

Impartial means without bias. Impartial advice means there is no hidden meaning or influence acting on the advice.

Industrial deafness

Industrial deafness is suffering hearing loss in your workplace. People who work in an environment of constant, excessive noise without proper hearing protection can develop industrial deafness.

Industrial disease

An industrial disease is a health condition or illness caused by an unsafe work environment and can take many forms such as noise induced hearing loss, repetitive strain injury or chest conditions.


Insurance is a form of risk management to minimalise your financial loss should something go wrong or not as planned.


Your insurer is the person or company that provides you with an insurance policy that you can buy into for protection from financial loss.

Issue proceedings

After a reasonable period of time for negotiations, if there is no admission or appropriate offer from the defendant, then you can take the defendant to court by issuing proceedings.