Christmas Jumper Day 2018 at Scott Rees & Co

Scott Rees participating in Christmas Jumper Day 2018

Today is officially Christmas Jumper Day! And so we participated in wearing our festive Christmas jumpers to work to raise money for Save the Children.

Save the Children is a charity organisation that helps children in some of the world’s toughest places to live such as Rwanda. Some of the things that we take for granted such as food, clean water, antibiotics, healthcare and education are provided to the children. Opportunities are created for these children that their parents and grandparents never had.

It is thanks to charity organisations such as Save the Children that life expectancy amongst children has risen; that more children are able to read and write; that cases of starvation is on the decline; and more. But the world is a big place and there is always someone out there that needs our help.

We managed to raise a massive £170!!

We’d like to thank everyone who donated today, including some who donated even though they didn’t adorn a beautiful Christmas jumper! You all looked fabulous and made our office look truly colourful and christmassy!!

If you haven’t donated to Save the Children yet but would like to contribute, you can do so by texting JINGLE to 70050 to donate £2 direct to the charity itself!