New Surgery for Burn Victims

This article was published on: 08/12/16

New developments tested in the United States and Israel have potentially paved the way for a new type of surgery, which could put an end to skin grafting and avoid scars from burns.

Overriding natural healing

The research carried out by experts at Tel Aviv and Harvard universities, has produced a technique involving pulsed electromagnetic fields to prevent the scarring process left after a burn.

Scarring is the body’s natural repair mechanism, the new technique will aim to override that and allow a wound to heal as close to it’s previous condition as possible. The natural healing process of the body is to use excess deposits of collagen which form into raised scar tissue. When this happens following a particularly bad burn this can be a different colour than the skin.

Using pulsed electromagnetic fields prevents this build-up and prevents the creation of the scar. However, researchers did have to finely balance the technique in order to not have the body “over heal” the wound given that scarring is natural and helps the wound repair.

The legacy of a burn

There are two major outcomes of a burn generally; the first being the physical scars. Dependent on severity, scars left can discolour skin, raise lumps on the wound and  if the burn is severe enough, it may require grafted skin from other areas of the body. This procedure could leave the victim looking very different to before the burn.

Burns can also create large lumps and bumps on the affected area disfiguring the person affected. These physical effects can often lead to the second outcome of a burn, emotional scarring.

Whether a burn is on an arm, leg, body or face, it is very common for burn sufferers to feel lower self esteem and be embarrassed of their body in the aftermath.. Victims may feel awkward stepping outside or try to cover up their scars in order to leave the house. Aftercare for a burn often involves dealing with anxiety, depression and stress about interacting with others. Any procedure which can limit the physical effects of a burn could go a long way to alleviating the emotional pain attached to them also.

Legal aid

Burn injuries caused by another person’s negligent actions can be dealt with by solicitors. At Scott Rees & Co our  serious injury department  understands that burn injuries can cause some of the most intense physical and mental damage, due to the effects on the sufferer’s appearance. To suffer a burn injury because of somebody else’s negligence is not acceptable in any environment.

We have assisted many burn injury victims in the past via our serious injury team. The serious injury department has a talented, caring selection of staff aware of the care needed by serious injury sufferers that could require scheduling extra assistance from home care to medical care and possible counselling options as part of a case.

You can call our serious injury team today to get the confidential, free  advice without obligation, suited for your injury and the incident which caused it. Lines are open weekdays from 9am to 7pm on 0808 278 2386 or you can get in touch and start a claim by filling in our form here.

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