Welcome to Lent – What are you giving up?

This article was published on: 03/1/17

Lent is a season many people like to participate in. Regardless of your religious orientation, it can be beneficial. Going without something or adding something to your life adds value. Often we see chocolate, alcohol and other treats as the staple item ‘given up’. At Scott Rees & co, we have an alternative option for those who love their sugar. When we think of giving things up, how many of us think about being safer?

Goodbye to bad habits

Bad driving habits can be doubly dangerous to a driver. They can endanger all road users (including themselves). They can also carry legal ramifications if spotted by the police. Giving them up for lent could then have more than one benefit. to be safer and avoid unnecessary punishment.

How often do you drive with one hand on the wheel? Maybe you don’t always signal where you are going. How about hanging close to the car in front? All of these and more need to be cut from a driver’s habits.

In an effort to make the road safer for you and others perhaps you could consider cutting out any of these:

  • Tailgating
  • Not indicating
  • Middle lane hogging
  • Undertaking
  • Jumping traffic lights
  • Hesitant braking
  • Sharp braking


Be the example

Getting annoyed by bad driving is normal. Even the safest drivers encounter bad driving from others regularly. In the spirit of the Lenten season, perhaps ‘turning the other cheek’ and ignoring bad drivers could be the answer?

If you drive safely and adapt well to problems in front of you, then nobody can place blame on you. If you are a good driver and a bad driver causes you injury, you are fully entitled to be compensated. This is something we have believed in for over 25 years at Scott Rees & Co.

We have dedicated teams to help good drivers ensure they don’t suffer at the hands of others’ bad habits. If you find yourself in this situation, give us a call. We are available on 01695 722 222 weekdays from 9am to 7pm. Alternatively we are accessible online via our assessment form here.

We’re here to help good drivers who suffer injury because of other drivers’ negligent actions. You should never suffer because of somebody else, and we are here to help that. Get your free assessment today by one of our dedicated team.

We offer no win no fee claims which allows you to make a claim without the risk. Call today to see what Scott Rees & Co can do for you.

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