Families of deceased asbestos victims handed boost

This article was published on: 07/18/14

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The families of deceased asbestos victims have been handed a boost by the set up of a new procedure to help them trace their loved one’s employment history.

The Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL) has welcomed the new introduction of the new system. The change allows the families of those lost to asbestos to obtain an order for disclosure of National Insurance records.

APIL has been pressing for intervention ever since the High Court  the ruling was made., which meant that the employment history of a Mesothelioma victim would only be released to their lawyer via High Court Order, was passed last year.

The new procedure is a development of a ruling by one of the two specialist Mesothelioma Masters at the Royal Courts of Justice, Master McCloud. Following its introduction, he was quick to support the High Court’s decision.

“The underlying approach to asbestos claims places the doing of justice, at speed and with improved efficiency, at the forefront; formalities of procedure take second place if they interfere with that.”

Justice for families

Speaking about the ruling, Scott Rees & Co Catastrophic Injury partner, Chris Walker said: “This is a real boost for those families who are seeking justice and compensation for the loss of their loved ones.”

Obviously, no amount of money will ever fill the void that they have been left with in their lives, but justice for their loved one in the form of compensation can help for them as the look towards a brighter future, which I am certain is what the deceased would have wanted for their family.

This should not be halted or delayed by unfair legislation that buys time for those responsible for the poor working conditions in the first place and the new procedure will help to speed up the justice process and the moving on process for the families.”

APIL has insisted that the procedure change will only be an interim measure before the Deregulation Bill 2014 is passed into law. This will allow disclosure of deceased workers’ National Insurance records.

They also underlined that the new procedure will save a considerable amount of time and cost moving forward.