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Scott Rees & Co started as a personal injury solicitor firm in 1992. Since then we have helped thousands of people make successful claims for personal injury compensation. You can read a couple of these cases below as we have been given permission by our clients to publish their story.

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Case studies from 2021

Mr M finished his night shift and was leaving work by walking down the driveway towards the main road.

A van came from behind, so Mr M moved over to the side of the driveway where he slipped on the muddy slope and injured his shoulder and arm from the fall.

We helped Mr M with his claim because the driveway is pitch black at night and the sides of the driveway are not fit for walking purposes.

For Mr M we were able to settle an employers liability claim for £3,500.

Mr N worked as a cleaner where a part of his role was to collect boiling water into a bucket from a hot water dispensing machine.

This was done every day but on this particular occasion, the boiling water spilled from the bucket and over Mr N's feet.

Mr N claimed that had his employers provided him with the correct protective footwear to begin with, they would not have sustained severe burns on both feet.

With the help of Scott Rees & Co solicitors, we were able to claim compensation of around £6,300 for Mr N's employers liability claim.

Mr D went to his dentist to have a root filling.

Mr D continued to experience a sharp pain where the root filling took place for many days.

Mr D eventually saw a different dentist who confirmed from his x-ray that the first dentist had completely missed his root and went into his gum.

Mr D was told that it was beyond repair and the tooth had to be removed.

Mr D consulted with Scott Rees & Co, who are medical negligence specialists, and we helped Mr D to a £12,200 settlement.

Mrs D had an operation at hospital where the surgeon caused an injury to her bowel.

After a second operation to repair the bowel, Mrs D developed wound sepsis and parastomal hernia.

We fought for Mrs D against the hospital for 5 years and eventually got the result she deserved.

For Mrs D's medical negligence claim, she was awarded £98,000.

Mr A was leaving his flat for work when he slipped on the mopped floor in the communal area.

The wetness of the floor was difficult to see due to the colour of the tiled floor, and also because there was no wet floor warning sign present.

Mr A already suffers from scoliosis and landed on his back after slipping, causing further damage and pain.

We were able to help Mr A fight his occupiers' liability case, in which he was awarded £2000 compensation.

Miss N went to hospital for surgery and experienced medical negligence when she noticed bleeding from a cannula in her hand.

Her requests to be seen by a doctor were ignored and analgesia was administered via the cannula which caused her to suffer pain in her hand.

The negligent failure to remove the cannula resulted in Miss N suffering pain and swelling/lumps to her hand for 18 months.

Miss N contacted Scott Rees & Co solicitors at the end of 2018, and two and a half years later, we helped Miss N win a £24,000 compensation claim.

Five to six years ago Mr N was referred to hospital by his optician to check if he has glaucoma.

After his hospital check up, Mr N was told everything was fine and he was discharged.

The exact same scenario happened again a year later.

It was until 3 years ago that Mr N discovered that he actually had glaucoma and it had progressed to the point where he would need laser eye surgery.

After further investigation, the hospital admitted that the tests carried out 5-6 years ago did indeed show signs of glaucoma but were reported incorrectly to Mr N.

With our medical negligence expertise, we were able to fight Mr N's clinical negligence claim and he was awarded £39,000.

Master H was playing in a school playground when they tripped and hit their head on some square shaped boulders with sharp edges.

The square shaped boulders were affixed to the playground floor and were there purely for decorative purposes.

An external health and safety assessment reported that the decorative boulders should be removed and had no place being in a childrens play area.

Mrs H brought the claim to Scott Rees & Co on behalf of her child.

We were able to settle Master H's child injury and occupiers liability claim for £5,000.

Case studies from 2020

Miss F was dining at a local pub when they tripped on the cobbled paving outside where a large ridge was raised from the floor.

The accident left Miss F with injury to her neck, hands and feet.

The pub should have registered the raised floor as a hazard and fixed it or put warning signs or cones around it to warn customers.

We were able to secure a £8,500 payout for her occupiers liability claim.

Mr D received negligent care at a hospital when they repeatedly failed to properly diagnose and treat a severe infection that Mr D developed after a cardiac operation in 2014.

As a consequence of their negligence, Mr D had to undergo multiple further surgical procedures that should never have been necessary.

Mr D sought Scott Rees & Co's help in the matter and we were able to successfully recover £18,000 in damages for this medical negligence claim.

Mr S was a supervisor at a major event and was managing an exit near a taxi rank when he was hit by a taxi after instructing them to stop.

The taxi driver didn't stop and continued with their business, leaving Mr S suffering a knee injury.

After attending A&E, Mr S was issued crutches although no surgery was required.

We were able to settle Mr S' claim and recovered £4,000 in damages.

Mr N was involved in a car accident.

Mr N was the driver and was stationary in their car because a bus was in front.

However, the third party behind failed to stop and collided into the back of Mr N's car.

Although the third party was slowing down, injury was still sustained and so we were able to settle this case for £1,400.

Mr W went to hospital for surgery on their knee.

The operation required an epidural, which is a way to deliver an anaesthetic. Unfortunately there were complications with the administration of the epidural, which caused the client to faint and then the consultant abandoned the operation.

The process has affected Mr W's confidence and trust in the hospital.

We were able to come to an agreement of around £16,000 compensation for Mr W's medical negligence claim.

Ms I was involved in a car accident as the passenger.

The driver lost control of the car after slipping on the wet motorway. The car was written off after hitting the barricades.

Ms I sustained injury to her head, shoulders and back.

We were able to settle the passenger accident claim for £3,000.

Miss C was walking down some steps in public, but slipped and fell due to the ground being uneven.

The unevenness of the ground was caused by a tree root growing underneath.

The hazard had been reported to the local council several times before but no action was taken.

The accident left Miss C with a broken leg.

This public liability claim was settled for £5,200.

Miss J was driving down a road that had right of way and upon approaching a junction, the Defendant driver inexplicably drove out causing a collision.

Miss J was taken to hospital where the doctors diagnosed concussion as well as neck and shoulder injury.

The Defendant admitted liability and we were able to settle at around £3,000 compensation for this car collision accident claim.

Mr J was driving and slowing down according to the speed limit when the car behind failed to follow and drove into the back of Mr J's car.

Mr J sustained shoulder and neck injuries prior to the car accident.

The repair cost for the damage to Mr J's car was approximated to be around £2,000.

Overall we were able to settle this claim for around £4,500.

Mrs K was driving and pulled out of a slip road to join the main road.

At the same time the car in the next lane changed lanes and collided with Mrs K's vehicle.

Mrs K suffered neck injury as a result of the accident.

We were able to agree on a settlement of £2,000 for Mrs K.

Case studies from 2019

Mr B was admitted to hospital with a midline incisional hernia and underwent an emergency procedure to repair the hernia.

Unfortunately, the mesh used to repair the hernia became infected.

Mr B underwent surgery to remove the infected mesh, but the hospital failed to remove all of the infected mesh.

It was a further 4 months before the infected mesh was removed completely, and as a result, Mr B endured a period of pain and suffering and required additional surgery when it could all have been avoided.

Mr B instructed Scott Rees & Co solicitors to make a medical negligence claim against the hospital.

After 2 years we were able to conclude Mr B's claim successfully and recover around £15,000 compensation.

Miss S was stationary at a roundabout and ready to exit when a vehicle from behind failed to stop.

The rear-end collision between the cars left Miss S with pain and stiffness across her neck and back.

Liability was admitted immediately by the third party driver.

In under a year we were able to secure a £4,800 compensation package for Miss S's road traffic accident claim.

Mr P's car was hit from behind at a roundabout by an ambulance when he was driving his family for a day out.

Although Mr P could continue driving away that day, this should not give the false impression that Mr P and his car sustained no damage at all.

When the claim was brought forward to the Defendant's attention, they questioned why Mr P did not see his GP or attend hospital over his injuries at the time of his accident.

The case ultimately went to Court where the Judge found Mr P to be an honest Claimant on the basis of the proof and evidence provided.

Even though Mr P's vehicle sustained damage worth around £1,500, he only made a claim for his injury. The Judge awarded Mr P around £2,500 in compensation for his injuries.

Mr O was travelling on the outside of a three lane road when a Third Party vehicle changed lanes and collided with Mr O's vehicle.

The car crash resulted in over £2,800's worth of damage to Mr O's vehicle, along with injuries to his neck, shoulders and back.

We brought Mr O's road traffic accident claim to the attention of the Third Party's insurers, but received no response.

It was only after issuing proceedings that they finally reacted and we soon settled the case with Mr O receiving around £5,400 compensation.

Mrs C, who uses a walking stick to aid her mobility tripped over a raised paving stone when walking through her local shopping centre.

The raised paving stone was at a dangerous height of over one inch off the ground.

Mrs C was taken to hospital for scans on her wrist and legs. The doctor said she had fractured her wrist and sustained severe bruising to her legs.

The Third Party Insurer initially denied liability, but after further pressure by us they changed their tune and a settlement was agreed.

Mrs C received around £4,500 for her occupiers liability claim.

Mrs O fell pregnant and at her 12 week scan she was advised that an identified cyst should be followed up 6 weeks post birth.

Mrs O had her follow up scan, but the hospital failed to list Mrs O for elective surgery to remove the cyst.

As a result, the cyst torted and Mrs O had to have emergency surgery to remove the cyst, which also resulted in her ovary and fallopian tube being removed.

Had the elective procedure to remove the cyst taken place, she would have avoided the trauma of surgery in an emergency setting and the loss of her reproductive organs.

Breach of Duty was admitted by the hospital and we were able to achieve a medical negligence settlement for Mrs O in the sum of £7,500.

Mr G was walking towards a road when his foot got caught on a raised paving slab.

This resulted in Mr G falling forward and cutting his head on the road.

Fortunately for Mr G an oncoming car managed to stop in time as the driver witnessed the incident.

The council responded that they will fix the pavement and we were able to settle this public liability claim for around £3,600.

Mr I was a passenger of a multi car accident involving 3 vehicles.

Mr I was passenger of the middle car, which was involved in a rear-end collision with the vehicle in front, but was also rear-ended by a vehicle behind.

The GP reported that Mr I suffered soft tissue injury across their neck, back and shoulders, and referred Mr I to have sessions of physiotherapy to aid recovery.

Mr I brought a road traffic accident claim against the driver in the vehicle behind. We were able to secure a settlement of around £2,500 for this claim.

Miss D was driving on a single carriageway road with two lanes, one travelling in either direction.

Miss D began to slow down as she was approaching a give way at the end of the road.

The Defendant turned right from the junction in front of Miss D and caused a car collision that resulted in damage to the bumpers and the headlights of the affected cars.

Although the Defendant tried to dispute the case, we were able to succeed in securing £3,300 compensation for our client's road traffic accident claim.

Mr N was the driver in a stationary car when a vehicle from behind failed to slow down quick enough and collided from behind.

After the collision, the Defendant did not stay to exchange details but instead drove away.

Witnesses were able present their account and Mr N was able to take a picture of the Defendant's vehicle before they left the scene.

After bringing a car collision accident claim to Scott Rees & Co we were able to settle Mr's case for approximate £1,800.

Case studies from 2018

In 1994, Mrs R was first diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.

Mrs R was prescribed Metformin in 1999 and Victoza in 2013 by her local GP as medication for her kidney disease.

As the condition of her kidney continued to worsen, she was referred to a specialist clinic in 2014. This was the first time Mrs R was made aware that she was suffering from Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD), as well as the seriousness of her kidney condition and that she should not have been prescribed Metformin or Victoza because of her condition.

Mrs R brought her medical negligence claim to Scott Rees in 2015 as she believed her GP had failed to monitor her kidney disease correctly. In effect, this has led to her kidney condition deteriorating much quicker than if she had been treated appropriately from the beginning.

Mrs R was successfully awarded around £13,000 compensation for her medical negligence claim.

Mr G was driving on a motorway in the evening when his car suddenly began to lose power at an alarming rate.

Mr G signalled his hazard lights before pulling his car as far left as possible with there being no hard shoulder present.

Unfortunately a serious road traffic accident followed leaving Mr G hospitalised and in a coma.

The doctor concluded Mr G suffered numerous rib fractures, a collapsed lung and other injuries to his head, back, neck and shoulders.

Mr G's claim was headed by solicitor, Chris Walker, who is a Partner and the Head of Serious Injury at Scott Rees & Co.

With the help of Chris Walker and his dedicated and professional team, we were able to secure a quarter of a million pounds as compensation for Mr G's serious injury claim.

Miss N had an operation after sustaining an injury abroad.

Following her operation back in England, she discovered an abscess had developed where her injury previously was. An abscess is a painful collection of pus, usually caused by a bacterial infection.

Due to misinformation, delays and human err with the initial operation, Miss N was required to return for a second operation 2 days later to treat the initial injury.

Miss N brought her medical negligence claim to Scott Rees as she felt she was treated negligently by the medical professionals at the hospital.

Had the initial operation been carried out correctly, she would not have been in pain and had to sign off work for at least 2 weeks.

We were able to secure around £9,700 compensation for Miss N.

Mr S was leaving the airport parking area and was driving along the exit route when another car had failed to heed a STOP sign and went into the left side of Mr S's vehicle.

The damage to the vehicle meant Mr S's car had to be towed away.

The third party driver responsible for the accident admitted liability straight away.

Upon seeing a medical professional, the doctor confirmed Mr S had sustained soft tissue injury to his neck, upper and lower back.

Within 2 years were able to conclude Mr S's road traffic accident claim and secure around £4,000 compensation.

Mr A was driving up a slip road ready to join a main road when a car from behind tried to cut across and overtake.

A car collision accident occurred causing Mr A's previous back injury to return.

As the third party had a foreign number plate, it took a little longer than normal to locate the third party insurers.

Within a year after bringing his claim to Scott Rees we were able to settle on £3,000 compensation.

Miss H approached us unhappy with the treatment she had received from her previous dentist, whom she had been a patient for many years.

Despite attending regular check-ups, she developed significant gum and periodontal disease that had gone unchecked and untreated until she registered at a new practice.

Whilst the claim process should have been straight-forward, it was complicated by the Defendant dentist who denied liability.

We continued to support Miss H with her dental negligence claim through this challenging period.

When an initial offer was presented by the Defendant, we felt it was too low from our experience. We advised Miss H to reject the early offer of settlement and to continue negotiations.

After 4 years of fighting for Miss H's justice and claim, we secured a damages settlement of around £40,000, which is nearly three times more than originally offered by the Defendant.

Miss W injured herself at work after tripping over some heavy boxes and landing awkwardly on some broken chairs in the store room.

Miss W complained her manager would always over order products, causing the store room to be stacked ceiling high with heavy boxes of products.

This is a clear case of employer negligence as it poses both a fire risk and a movement hazard to employees due to limited vision and movement space in the room.

The doctor confirmed Miss W sustained damage to her jaw as well as bruising to her ribs.

We were able to settle Miss W's workplace accident claim at close to £1,800.

Miss B was in the toilet of a pub when she slipped on unidentified liquid on the floor. It was unidentified as it was quickly mopped up by staff after the incident.

No warning signs were in place to warn people of the wet patch on the floor, which is an occupier's liability.

Miss B used her hands as best as she could to break her fall. Following the accident at the pub, she went straight to hospital where an xray confirmed she had fractured her wrist.

This is a case of occupiers liability as the accident happened on private land in the pub.

Miss B won her case and was awarded approximately £13,000 compensation for her slip, trip and fall claim.

Miss M was picked up as a passenger by her driving instructor as she was due to have her lesson after the current driving student's lesson had finished.

Miss M sat on the back passenger seat as the current driving student drove towards their drop off point.

The road traffic accident occurred at a roundabout when a van following the learner car mistakenly thought they had entered the roundabout.

Without looking forward, as the van driver was focused on the traffic coming from the right, they crashed into the stationary learner car in front.

The doctor confirmed Miss M had not broken anything but sustained whiplash and muscle strains across her neck, back and shoulders.

Miss M brought her passenger accident claim to Scott Rees & Co where our expertise her get £2,500 compensation.

Mr B was on his motorbike and travelling at 60-70mph when the traffic in front slowly sharply.

As Mr B put his hazard lights on and slowed his speed to match the traffic in front, the vehicle behind was traveling too close and was unable to slow in time.

The rear-end collision with the motorbike propelled Mr B into the air and leading to soft tissue injury as he landed.

It took Scott Rees about a year to finalise a £1,600 compensation package for Mr B after his motorcycle accident.

Case studies from 2017

Mr G was cycling along a main road when he was knocked off his bike by a driver driving too close to him.

Mr G brought his bicycle accident claim to Scott Rees & Co, where we found out the Defendant was trying to dispute liability.

The Defendant alleged Mr G had come off the kerb and hit his vehicle.

After presenting successful arguments in favour of Mr G's account of events, we were able to obtain an admission from the Defendant in relation to liability.

For compensation, Mr G was awarded around £3,500 for his injuries, £500 for physiotherapy treatment, £500 for the damage to his bike, £500 for his loss of earnings and the rest for travel expenses caused by his inability to use his bike.

Miss F was driving and entering a roundabout when the car behind her sped up and drove into the rear of Miss F's car when trying to avoid an oncoming car from the right.

The car accident at the roundabout ensured Miss F suffered whiplash injuries to her neck and lower back, as confirmed by an independent medical professional.

The Defendant admitted liability from the get go in what was a straight forward case.

Within 8 months we were able to settle Miss F's road traffic accident claim at £1,600.

Miss S's car was hit on the side by a reversing car from a parking bay.

Miss S sustained neck and shoulder injuries following the road accident.

With the accident being straight-forward as the Defendant admitted liability from the beginning, the car accident claim was settled within a year.

We were able to negotiate a £2,000 compensation package for Miss S.

An employee of a shop was moving heavy boxes containing products from high up on one of the shelves.

Unfortunately one of the boxes fell on Miss T's head as she walked past.

Miss T came to us and we filed an occupiers liability claim against the shop for failing to protect their customers.

Swift negotiations for this personal injury claim led to Miss T being awarded around £4,000 compensation.

Miss M had just dropped her child off at school.

As she was coming out of the school drive way, a distracted driver drove into the side of Miss M's car.

Miss M chose Scott Rees & Co solicitors to represent her for her road traffic accident claim.

With our expertise and guidance we were able to progress her claim at a steady rate and concluded her claim on £2,200.

Miss K was driving down a road when the Defendant thought they had time to pull out from a side road.

A car crash resulted in Miss K being taken to the hospital by an ambulance.

Miss K was diagnosed with suffering severe whiplash with injuries affecting her neck, shoulders and back.

A compensation amount of around £4,600 was agreed and settled for this personal injury claim.

Mr H was driving down a narrow road when a police chase caught up to his car from his behind.

A rushed overtaking manoeuvre from the speeding car being chased by the police ensued a collision with Mr H's car.

Mr H was told the driver being chased by the police was uninsured.

The car crash reignited an old, fully recovered neck injury that Mr H previously had.

We were able to settle a road traffic accident claim involving an uninsured driver for close to £4,000.

Mr P's line of work was building and fixing fruit machines.

The heavy machines would be raised up to a certain height off the ground and it's position would be secured by a lock system to stop it from moving or falling.

However, certain lock systems were faulty and instead Mr P was expected to manually put a wooden wedge in place as an alternative.

Unfortunately on this occasion Mr P forgot to put the wooden wedge in place.

As the fruit machine began to fall Mr P instinctively reached out to grab the machine, resulting in damage to his overstretched ligaments near his elbow region.

Mr P made an accident at work claim with Scott Rees & Co because he felt the equipment should have been in working order and that he should not have needed to use a wooden wedge as a alternative.

A settlement of around £2,600 compensation was agreed for this workplace injury claim.

Mrs P visited a Roller Skating Rink when she made her way to the toilet.

On the way to the toilet is a single step in the middle of the corridor, which is difficult to notice due to the low light environment utilised as part of the ambience at the Roller Skating Rink.

Mrs P fell over the poorly lit step as she landed on her knees and elbow.

After visiting the hospital, the doctor confirmed Mrs P suffered a fracture to her elbow.

The case went to court where the Defendant stated this is the first time an accident has happend there and the Claimant argued the step was not visible enough.

The judge ruled in favour of Mrs P and was awarded around £9,400 compensation for her occupiers liability claim.

Miss R was lifting containers at work when a new batch of deliveries on crates arrived.

An employee was operating a machine handling the crates when one of the crates fell down crushing Miss R's hand on the containers.

Miss R visited the doctors who confirmed nothing was broken but she was put in an arm sling and could not work for at least 2 weeks.

We arranged for Miss R to go through a couple of sessions of physio as she was struggling to grip properly and without pain.

An offer of £6,800 compensation for her accident at work was agreed to cover her treatment, time off work and hand injury.

Case studies from 2016

Miss C was on her way to work on her bicycle when she was struck by a vehicle that had failed to give way at a roundabout.

Miss C suffered a bruised knee and ankle and endured two days of neck pain. She also suffered loss of earnings due to being off work to recover.

The police were called at the scene and the Defendant alleged Miss C was at fault because she was not wearing bright clothing or had any lights on display on her bicycle.

Through our help, we were able to prove that she did have lights on her bike and gave further evidence to show that the area would have been well lit at the time of the accident.

We were able to dispute the credibility of the Defendant to the point where they agreed to settle through a Part 36 offer, with no fault given to our client, Miss C.

We were awarded around £4,000 for the bicycle accident at a roundabout.

Mrs G was involved in a car collision where the other driver, who caused the road accident, denied liability from the outset of the claim.

A challenging period of failed negotiations between us and the Defendant meant we had to issue proceedings to progress the claim.

The case ended in court where it was ruled in Mrs G's favour.

Through our help we were able to secure a settlement of £1,600 in relation to the injuries that she suffered as a result of the car accident.

Mr J was a passenger in a travelling car on a 4 lane road with 2 lanes going forward and 2 lanes backward.

The car infront of the vehicle carrying Mr J moved from the outside lane into the inside before attempting a U-turn across the 4 lanes as the 2 incoming lanes had no traffic.

Unfortunately the cars collided, leaving the passenger, Mr J suffering soft tissue injury and lacerations around the chest and shoulder area.

With the help of personal injury specialists, Scott Rees & Co, we were able to settle the claim for around £2,400.

Miss G was walking through her workplace, a local warehouse, when she slipped on a misplaced object on the floor.

The work accident caused her to strain her back and leg muscles.

Miss G brought her slip, trip and fall claim to us where we discovered the warehouse to be in breach of health and safety with their cluttered and untidy workplace.

A compensation claim of around £3,000 was quickly settled with the employers of the warehouse.

Mr B was in his work environment when a misstep caused him to fall from a raised platform.

The raised platform had no warning signs or barriers as it was not originally considered a hazard, even though it was 4 inches high.

The accident at work caused considerable damage to the chest region of Mr B.

As a result of the work accident, we were able to secure a £4,200 award of compensation for Mr B.

Miss S was dining at a local restaurant when she got up from her seat to make her way to the toilet.

To get to the toilet she needed to walk past an area where a set of double doors regularly open outwards as it connects to the kitchen.

Miss S was caught by the fast swinging doors as she walked past and sustained injury to her eye.

Through our personal injury service, we were able to secure around £4,000 compensation for her occupiers liability claim.

Miss T was travelling as a passenger on a coach when it was collided into by another vehicle on the motorway.

Greater damage is likely to be inflicted with road accidents at high speeds than at lower speeds.

The coach accident caused Miss T to suffer from back and abdominal injury as this is where the seat belt goes over your body.

Miss T was awarded around £4,000 compensation for her passenger accident claim after coming to Scott Rees & Co.

Miss E was driving along a dual carriageway on the inside lane when a lorry on the outside lane veered off and shunted Miss E's car.

Miss E brought her road traffic accident claim to us where we arranged for her to see an independent medical expert.

Their diagnosis confirmed Miss E suffered whiplash and injury to her back as a result of the vehicle collision.

We were able to negotiate a compensation award of around £6,100.

There were several stationary cars queuing at a set of traffic lights on red when the last car to arrive failed to stop.

A multiple car crash accident ensured involving Miss O's vehicle who was caught up in the domino-effect collisions.

As Miss O's car was last to be hit, both Miss O and her car suffered the least damage, but the impact was still enough to crush one of her rear doors.

Scott Rees & Co were able to recover around £1,800 compensation for Miss O's car crash accident claim.

Mr T was riding a bicycle when he was unstabilised by a pot-hole on the road.

Mr T damaged his wrists as he used his hands to cushion his fall.

He was in a cast for nearly 2 months, which severely affected both his work and social life.

We were able to come to a £3,000 conclusion to his compensation for Mr T's public liability claim.

Case studies from 2015

Mr L injured his lower back after he was requested to lift a heavy three seater sofa at work without another person's assistance.

His employer, a national furniture retailer, admitted liability for the work accident.

Mr L brought his work accident claim to Scott Rees & Co where we arranged for Mr L to see a medical expert to determine the extent of damage suffered.

The medical expert's results came back showing Mr L's injury was expected to last and affect him for the next 2 years.

A compensation amount of around £27,000 was awarded to Mr L to account for his lost earnings, his pain and suffering and his potential loss of earnings for the next 2 years.

Mr L did leave us a video testimonial which we have uploaded for your viewing.

Miss A was having a meal in a restaurant when she bit into a piece of broken porcelain from a ramekin dish that was in her food.

Miss A sustained a small cut to her mouth, which subsequently led to her suffering from an infection and mouth ulcers.

After bringing her occupiers liability claim to Scott Rees & Co, we obtained Miss A's medical records which shows she had a long history of suffering mouth ulcers.

The Defendant initially tried to argue that her infection and mouth ulcers were the result of natural causes and her history with them.

However, we eventually managed to get a liability admission and agree on a £1,700 compensation package.

Miss A recorded a video testimonial to talk about how we dealt with her claim and how we made the process easy for her.

Mrs L was walking down a dimly lit pathway when she fell down an open, three foot deep trench.

The trench had been left open by a contractor who was performing work earlier on some water pipes situated under the ground.

The contractor did not left any warning signs around the defect, nor did they gate or fence it off.

As a result of her fall, Mrs L suffered a soft tissue injury to her lower back, hip, chest and upper left side of her arm.

We helped Mrs L sue the company responsible for their negligent work and received £4,200 for her personal injury compensation.

Miss F was riding her bike and overtaking some parked cars when suddenly the driver of one them opened the door.

Miss F was knocked off her bike and sustained injury to her neck, back, left knee, left eye, right ankle and fingers, as well as suffering psychological damage with riding her bike again.

She originally sought instruction from another firm of solicitors but later transferred her case to us after being left unsatisfied by their level of professional care.

Within 6 months after receiving the full transfer of her documents from her previous solicitors, we were able to reach a settlement of £3,500 for her bicycle accident claim.

Mrs J was staying at a hotel with a poorly placed towel radiator.

The towel radiator was situated too close to the toilet, which resulted in Mrs J burning her leg when she used it.

Mrs J brought her burn injury claim to Scott Rees & Co where we put together her case and backed it up with the required evidence.

The hotel admitted liability for the badly positioned towel radiator and a settlement of £1,000 was agreed within 6 months.

The hotel has since remodeled their bathroom to prevent further injuries from occurring in the future.

Mr N was staying at a hotel with his wife when they had their evening meal at the hotel's restaurant.

On conclusion of the meal, the waiter came to pour Mr N and his wife some tea and coffee.

The waiter had a pot of coffee in his left hand and a pot of tea in his right hand.

As the waiter began pouring coffee for Mr N's wife, the waiter accidentally poured tea over Mr N's back, causing him to suffer minor burn injuries.

With the help of Scott Rees & Co solicitors, we settled the occupiers liability claim for £1,500 with the hotel restaurant.

Miss S was walking through the restaurant kitchen when a chef carrying a pan of hot oil spilled some on her foot.

As a result Miss S suffered burn injuries and scarring to her foot.

Miss S approached us with her accident at work claim. Our job was to prove that the chef had acted against the health and safety regulations by moving hot oil across the kitchen.

We were able to help secure a settlement of over £1,600 for Miss S.

Miss S left us a glowing review in her video testimonial here.

Mr C was travelling on his motorcycle when he was rear-end shunted by a car.

The impact caused Mr C to be thrown off his motorbike and suffer injury to his neck, shoulders and knees.

To make matters worse, the driver responsible for the accident left the scene without checking if Mr C was alright or swapping contact details.

We assured Mr C that he was still entitled to compensation even when there was no Defendant because of the hit and run issue.

We were able to help Mr C claim £2,500 for his hit and run claim.

Mr H was a passenger travelling in a taxi.

The taxi driver lost control of their vehicle and drove over a roundabout before hitting a pavement with force.

This caused Mr H to be shunted in the back seat, suffering a whiplash neck injury that would take around five months to recover from.

We were able to help Mr H recover their general damages, treatment costs and travel expenses from the settlement.

Miss S, an old age pensioner, injured herself after boarding her local bus.

As she made her way to a seat, the bus driver was forced to make an emergency stop due to someone running across a zebra crossing.

Miss S lost her balance, fell forward and injured her head after falling over.

With the help of Scott Rees & Co, we were able to agree a settlement of around £2,700 for her passenger accident claim.