Case Studies

Over the years we have helped thousands of victims of accidents win their claim for compensation. For the few who have kindly given us permission to publish their story, you can find their case studies below.

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2018 Case Studies

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2017 Case Studies

Mr G was cycling along a main road when he was knocked off his bike by a driver driving too close to him.

Mr G brought his bicycle accident claim to Scott Rees & Co, where we found out the Defendant was trying to dispute liability.

The Defendant alleged Mr G had come off the kerb and hit his vehicle.

After presenting successful arguments in favour of Mr G's account of events, we were able to obtain an admission from the Defendant in relation to liability.

For compensation, Mr G was awarded around £3,500 for his injuries, £500 for physiotherapy treatment, £500 for the damage to his bike, £500 for his loss of earnings and the rest for travel expenses caused by his inability to use his bike.

2016 Case Studies

Miss C was on her way to work on her bicycle when she was struck by a vehicle that had failed to give way at a roundabout.

Miss C suffered a bruised knee and ankle and endured two days of neck pain. She also suffered loss of earnings due to being off work to recover.

The police were called at the scene and the Defendant alleged Miss C was at fault because she was not wearing bright clothing or had any lights on display on her bicycle.

Through our help, we were able to prove that she did have lights on her bike and gave further evidence to show that the area would have been well lit at the time of the accident.

We were able to dispute the credibility of the Defendant to the point where they agreed to settle through a Part 36 offer, with no fault given to our client, Miss C.

We were awarded around £4,000 for the bicycle accident at a roundabout.

2015 Case Studies

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