A talented workforce

We are proud to be driven by so many talented and diverse people from all walks of life. We have around 150 employees with a variety of different skills and coming from many different backgrounds. As a result, we have many multi-lingual solicitors who can improve the convenience for our clients if they prefer to converse in a language other than English.

Using all our skills, knowledge and experience, we share the same common goal, and that is to give our clients the best legal service possible.

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Scott Rees & Co departments and roles

Scott Rees & Co is a personal injury firm consisting mainly of lawyers. However, we also have departments for human resources, information technology, accounts and marketing.


We are always on the lookout for motivated individuals who want to make a career in the legal industry. At any given time, we may have over 20 trainees learning their trade here working alongside some of the most experienced personal injury solicitors in the UK. We are a forward-thinking firm and we think of our trainees as the future of the company; this is how we’ve been going from strength to strength since 1992.


Being a paralegal can often be an entry level into the legal profession. You do not need to hold a law degree in order to be a paralegal. Paralegals are important members of any legal team and firm. The role of a paralegal can be very diverse and can range from call handling, to assisting solicitors directly with drafting, advocacy and client care.


Solicitors, or lawyers as they are sometimes referred to, are the backbone of Scott Rees & Co solicitors. These are the people who will work with you on your case. They will be assisting you with advice on how to progress your claim; the gathering of evidence; the documentation; client care and more.

We have many solicitors working here, each specialising in different areas of personal injury, including:

  • employers liability
  • serious injury
  • medical negligence
  • road traffic accidents
  • product liability
  • public liability
  • occupiers liability
  • industrial disease


Our client care and compliance department is led by our Compliance Officer for Legal Practice (COLP), Tim Allen. Tim, who is a partner at the firm, is involved in the handling of complaints, liaising with regulators and our firm reputation management.

If you have any issues or concerns regarding your case or your solicitor, then you should contact Tim Allen by phone on 01695 712 455 or by email on timothy.allen@scottrees.co.uk. Tim will usually monitor all issues and complaints no matter how big or small.


Our costs department, which is headed up by Costs Manager, Peter Bland is responsible for making sure that all of the financial aspects of your case are in order. Our cost lawyers work hard to make sure that you receive your awarded compensation in a timely manner.

Human Resources

The human resource (HR) department is one the busiest places at Scott Rees & Co, as they oversee over 140 employees. The HR department is responsible for a number of tasks such as recruitment, employee relations and internal compliance. The human resource department is led by HR Manager, Pauline Shaw.


Our marketing department is responsible for utilising both digital and traditional media means to create awareness on claiming for personal injury compensation. The marketing department are also responsible for building our brand awareness, as well as our relationships with the local community through charitable events that we host or take part in.

Information Technology

We have an in-house team of knowledgeable people working within our information technology (IT) department. Their roles range from setting up computers and networks (technicians) to programming and developing the systems and software (programmers) that our lawyers use on a daily basis.

Partners & Management

The team managers and partners of Scott Rees & Co are the people who work behind the scene away from client eyes. These people are responsible for ensuring that the daily running of our business goes smoothly and without problems. With their wealth of experience in their specialist sectors, they are the go-to people when advice or second opinions are required.

Since the founding of Scott Rees & Co in 1992, the partners have maintained our vision to look forward, to improve and to adapt with the ever-changing legal industry.

Professional development

It is our aim to improve and grow as a company and we feel that the best way to do this is to help the people who work for us. Therefore we place a lot of emphasis in accepting and helping trainees learn and acquire vital experience. We openly encourage the pursuit of knowledge through education both internally and externally, which is why, under the right circumstances, we will help fund the appropriate courses for members of staff.

We also actively promote from within. We believe in offering opportunity for our staff to mature, to take on new challenges and to better themselves as a person with new-found responsibility and tasks.

Positive working environment

Keeping our staff happy is just as important as keeping our clients happy. It is a chain reaction that starts from the top. We work incredibly hard in maintaining a positive working environment for everyone within the company.

As part of the Solicitors Regulation Authority’s requirement, we annually conduct a diversity and equality survey. This survey allows our workforce to have their say in the firm, and to let us know whether diversity is respected, equality is enforced and opportunities are promoted.


If you are interested in being part of our growing workforce, then you should send us a copy of your CV via email to hr@scottrees.co.uk.

Even if we do not currently have a job vacancy for your intended role, we are always looking for talented and determined individuals and may consider your position under the right circumstances.