Is Working in St Helens Really Bad for Your Health?

The latest statistics released by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has revealed that workers in Merseyside town, St Helens, are more at risk of injury than in most parts of the country.

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Overall there were 551 workplace injuries for every 10,000 employees in St Helens in 2014/15, with nearby Knowsley, reporting an even higher rate, at 671 per 100,000 workers; figures that represent more than double the national average.

Knowsley currently sits seventh in the list of the top 20 highest injury rates by local authority, with St Helens just 10 places behind in 17th.

So should the people of St Helens be worried about how safe a place their town is to work in? Probably not according to the town’s council, who point out that St Helens and Knowsley are home to a number of large retail distribution centres that are bound to contribute to the higher number of accidents, simply because a larger number of people are working in the areas factories and warehouses.

The president of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL), Jonathan Wheeler, insists that every worker should be able to expect to turn up for a day’s work and return home unharmed, meanwhile a spokes person for St Helens Council, says that there is plenty of effort and precautions being put in place to restrict the number of accidents in the workplace.

They said: “Due to its location, the borough is home to a number of large national retail distribution centres. The council is responsible for regulating health and safety in these businesses and has over the years, built a strong relationship with these businesses in helping to support and guide them in meeting health and safety obligations.”

“The council has also worked closely with a national distribution company in developing a loading restraint system for use on caged stock which is transported around the country. This aims to reduce the incidence of ‘collapsed loads’ at the point of delivery, which will, in turn, reduce the number of injuries to their own and other employees.”

Overall throughout 2014/15 there were 1.2 million working people suffering from work related illness in the UK, with 142 workers being killed at work. A further 76,000 other injuries were reported by employees according to RIDDOR and 27.3 million working days were lost due to work related illness or injury, at a cost of £14.3billion.

Do you live in St Helens? Have you suffered an injury in the workplace as a result of an accident that wasn’t your fault? Contact us on our We Serve St Helens page for more information on whether you can make a claim.

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