Whiplash victim shrugs off false accusations to win claim

A whiplash victim from Surrey has overcome false allegations of blame to win compensation for her injuries. Mrs Kelly Dolan and her husband were both injured after being involved in a collision at a box junction.

Whiplash injury


Box junction collision

The couple were on their way to the local DIY shop when they stopped in a box junction to allow traffic to clear. The traffic lights for oncoming traffic had turned red and upon seeing this Mrs Dolan began to cross. Unfortunately, the other party involved ran the red light and collided with her at high speed. They would then veer off, before hitting a lamppost and uprooting it from the ground.

Both Mr and Mrs Dolan were shaken up from the collision. Their whiplash injuries were immediately evident and Mrs Dolan would need physiotherapy for a number of weeks.  Thankfully, they were both wearing their seatbelts, preventing further and more severe injury.

Liability denied

Following the accident Mrs Dolan decided to pursue a claim for injury and instructed Scott Rees and Co to act on her behalf. Shockingly the other driver involved in the crash, denied that he was to blame. It was his claim that the accident was Mrs Dolan’s fault and the case went to court.

The evidence prepared by Mrs Dolan and her legal team, including reports from the police, clearly supported her claim. After hearing all of the evidence the Judge’s decision was to rule in Mrs Dolan’s favour. He also stated that the defendant’s claim that he was travelling at 20mph was difficult to believe, due to the uprooted lamppost.

Mrs Dolan received £2,800 in compensation for injuries. She would later express her thanks to Scott Rees and Co, saying: “Scott Rees is an excellent law firm and I highly recommend their services.”

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