Toyota Recalls over Faulty Airbags

Toyota has been forced into making a costly decision financially, by recalling up to 5.8 million cars worldwide over concerns about faulty airbags. Given that airbags can often be the difference between getting a jolt during a collision and hitting the window or dashboard, the decision is the only logical option and could save the lives of Toyota drivers.

Road Safety - Airbag Recalls for Toyota

Supplier Failure

The recall has affected just over 23 million airbags and 5.8 million cars across all markets. They are not the first car manufacturer to suffer from a Takata recall, as than 12 others have faced similar problems in the past.

Takata’s record for recalling their airbags because of safety concerns has resulted in over 100 million cars being recalled across all manufacturers. They now, not only face spiraling compensation costs for providing faulty safety equipment, but also a loss of valuable business. Such is the damage to their reputation; some of the companies who have been affected by the recalls of Takata airbags have already stated that they would not be using their airbags or other Takata products in the future.

In one of Toyota’s largest markets (The United states) the airbags have been linked with 11 deaths after they deployed with too much pressure, sending metal fragments flying towards the driver.


Last resort

An airbag is deployed as a last resort to protect those inside a car. If a driver is hit or unable to avoid a collision, then the airbag attempts to provide a safe cushion to avoid lacerations to the face, broken bones and head injuries. Failing to do that job can easily turn a moderate crash into a deadly situation.

Safety features are often ranked very highly (if not the highest) on many checklists when a customer buys a car. It is expected that a car is as safe as possible and has been regularly tested to protect the driver should the worst happen.

The recalls have affected Toyota cars manufactured from May 2000 and 200,1 as well as between April 2006 and December 2014. It covers some of their more popular models, including the Corolla and Yaris models. If you are a Toyota driver, then our advice would be to head over to their online recall checker to input your vehicle’s registration and find out if your model is included.

Legal Rights

When a product is recalled you are entitled to either a replacement of the same product or one of similar value. Should your car fit into the recall we would recommend contacting your local dealer. Getting a replacement may not be ideal but would be much safer than risking yours and your passenger’s safety through having faulty equipment in the car.

If you have been in an accident, or your family member or friend has been in an accident and have suffered further injury due to a safety feature not working, you are also entitled to take legal assistance. When it comes to safety features in cars, a poorly performing feature can be the difference between suffering a short shock and suffering bone breaks, head trauma or even death.

If you feel you or somebody you know has had a similar experience where a safety feature in a car has not provided adequate shielding from an incident, please call 0800 278 4382 or fill in our contact form to tell us about the incident.

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