Ten Top Tips to Staying Safe This Bonfire Night

Ten Top Tips to Staying Safe This Bonfire Night

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Tonight sees one of the most exciting nights of the year, as thousands of people across the country will be wrapping up warm, digging out their gloves, scarves and hats and heading out to watch a local firework and bonfire display.

Others prefer to host their own spectacle in the confines of their back garden, as they look to out do the neighbours by lighting up the sky with the display of the night.

However you enjoy bonfire night this year, it is important to remember that there are risks when it comes to fireworks and fire, so we have put together ten top tips to ensure that your evening sparkles and your firework display is a real cracker.

Tip 1 – Fireworks are Explosives – In the build up to your display, don’t get careless, keep any firework or sparklers stored in a cool place, away from anything that could ignite. During your display, remember that a firework is not a toy; it is an explosive that if misused or not supervised properly, can cause irreparable damage.

Sparklers for Bonfire blogTip 2 – Sparklers are Hot – Always ensure that sparklers are held at arm’s length and that gloves are worn while handling them. The heat of a sparkler is enough to cause a third degree burn at the very least, so it really is worth it. Also once the sparkler has gone out; make sure you put them in a bucket of water. Do not throw them to the ground.

Tip 3 – Don’t Give Sparklers to Children under the age of Five – A child of this age is not aware of the very grave risks that they can carry and running around is one of the things a child of that age likes to do the most, which coincidentally is the one thing you should never do with a sparkler, regardless of age. Children above this age should also be supervised. Although it may not seem like it to them, supervised fun is more fun than a third degree burn to the face.

Tip 4 – Choose Location Wisely – Your back garden is not the place for a bonfire that goes without saying but you should also make sure that the area you are planning to host your firework display is cleared of obstructions such as low hanging trees. If you are hosting a bonfire display, make sure that you do so away from danger.

Tip 5 – Buy fireworks from reputable retailers – Ensure you remain safe by buying your fireworks from a recognised retailer. Do not buy from untrustworthy sources. Fireworks are dangerous enough when they are not faulty or tampered with.

Tip 6 – Keep your Fireworks in a Closed Metal Box – Similar to keeping them cool this will protect them from any thing that could ignite. Also remember to remove them carefully, one by one, when it is time for use.

Tip 7 – Keep Well Back from Fireworks and Bonfire Displays – The view is far better stood from afar than up close and you and your family and friends can remain a lot safer. If a firework fails to go off, do not go back to it. It could just be delayed and therefore is an accident waiting to happen.

Tip 8 – Never Light a Bonfire with a Flammable Liquid – It is important to have a controlled bonfire, lit using a taper at arms length and lit naturally using wood and wood based objects.

Tip 9 – Douse Bonfire Embers with Cold Water before leaving – Once the fire is burnt out, pour cold water on the embers to ensure that it can not reignite and that it is fully put out.

Tip 10 – Be Responsible – in every part, from lighting to putting out fires, setting off firework and handing out sparklers, make sure you are acting in a safe and responsible manner. Also ensure that others are and that all children are supervised at all times. If you take responsibility of your firework display then you will have a much better night.

Scott Rees and Co would like to wish everyone a great bonfire night and we hope you stay safe. For those of you nearby here is a list of public firework and bonfire displays in around the Skelmersdale area.

5th November

Halsall St Cuthbert’s School – New Street – Gates Open 6pm – Display Starts 7.15pm

Skelmersdale FC – Gates open 5pm – Display starts 7.30pm

6th November

The Plough Inn – Lathom – Even Begins 5pm – Display Starts 7pm

7th November

Mawdesley Millenium Green – Gates Open 6pm Bonfire Lit – 6.45pm Display Starts – 7.15pm


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