SRA name first non-lawyer Chairperson

SRA name first non-lawyer Chairperson

The Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) named their new Chairperson yesterday and for the first time will be a non-lawyer appointment.

The current UK Chair of the charity, Victim Support, Enid Rowlands, will succeed the current Chair Charles Plant, in January 2015 and has already set out her plan of action moving forward. This will include the continuation of the SRA’s programme of modernisation and liberalisation, in order to benefit solicitors and consumers.

Rowlands, who was appointed by an independent appointments panel, said: “I am particularly looking forward to developing strong and effective working relationships with those regulated by the SRA’s and with their representative bodies, and to developing a stronger dialogue with the users of legal services on whose behalf we regulate.”

The Legal Services Panel has welcomed the appointment who sees the new Chair’s consumer credentials as a real plus point for the SRA moving forward.

Sir Michael Pitt, who is the chairman of the board said: “The SRA’s has set itself a challenging agenda which, when achieved, promises to bring benefits for consumers, the wider public interest and solicitors alike. Enid’s track record speaks for itself and she will provide strong leadership to a board committed to change.”

Enid Rowlands has been a member of the SRA’s board since January 2013 and has held roles with Consumer Focus, North Wales Police and Health Authorities, the Trading Standards Council and S4C Broadcasting Authority before finding her feet in her current role with victim support.

Scott Rees and Co would like to take this opportunity to welcome Enid to her new role and look forward to working with her to help improve the landscape for personal injury solicitors in the future.

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