Speeding Visitors could lose their Licenses (Including us Brits Abroad)

Many accidents on the road in the UK and abroad are caused by speeding motorists, which is a fact that the European Commission are looking to tackle head on in the not distant future.

The European Commission are proposing that in order to bring an end to drivers driving at dangerous speeds, a system of ‘harmonise penalty points’ should be introduced and if you so happen to be British and get caught in the EU contravening the speed laws, then you could see your license being taken away.

This will be met by groans of disappointment by some British drivers, mainly those who are aware that they can in fact avoid punishment if they are caught by speed cameras on foreign soil. But to anyone who has suffered an injury abroad or at home because of a speeding motorist then this move will be welcomed.

The proposed new law will also apply to foreign visitors to the UK should they be caught speeding in our country moving forward.

Currently our Government are opposing the proposals claiming that British drivers should not see their licenses put at the liberty of the authorities of another EU member state but in doing so they are seemingly forgetting the important moral behind the proposals and that is that speed kills and where it is policed correctly, whether in this country or abroad, it can only be a good thing that will hopefully lead to less road deaths.

Personal injuries caused by Road Traffic Accidents where speeding has been a factor often carry the most severe injuries, so to discourage it is a positive step.

It is not just speeding that the new laws will look to tackle either, as a host of other serious road offences will also be governed by the new legislation.

Among them include ignoring red lights, drink driving, driving under the influence of drugs and use of a mobile phone while driving, all of which are constants when the circumstances of a road traffic accident are investigated.

The new laws are set to come into force in 2017 in Britain with the rest of Europe welcoming them in from May this year.

Do you think this is a good idea? Should other countries within the European Member state be able to impose penalty points on the license of someone who has been caught breaking speeding laws abroad? Let us know your thoughts.

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