Social responsibility crackdown sees drivers stopped

Within 2 weeks of new legislation regarding mobile phone usage, many authorities find themselves engaged in projects to enforce the changes. Scott Rees & Co’s local authority (Lancashire Constabulary) saw 77 drivers stopped for mobile usage alone in a 1 week operation.

mobile phone while driving

Enforcing social responsibility

Other offences enforced during the crackdown included not wearing seatbelts, speeding fines, driving without insurance and driving without a licence. Many of these offences endanger other road users and yourself. Normally it is difficult to police individual incidents such as finding drivers without seatbelts. The recent operations have therefore attempted to open the public’s eyes to the dangers that arise from the offences.

In total 130 drivers and 52 vehicles were seized. Cases included;

  • A mother and two young children without seatbelts
  • A tradesman with 8 points already, facing disqualification for using his mobile
  • HGV drivers texting while driving
  • A driver who said they “didn’t know how to use their hands free kit”
  • And many others…

The operation was carried out nationwide on roads where residents had raised concerns. With mobile phone usage behind the wheel so common, it is important to let people know of the consequences. Research shows a driver’s reaction time is 50% slower while talking on a phone. This makes a normal driver 4 times more likely to crash if using a mobile at the wheel.

Talking to local press, Lancashire Police and Crime Commissioner Clive Grunshaw said “Figures show there are still too many people on roads willing to put themselves and others at risk. When I talk to members of the public about roads policing, people on mobiles is the main complaint.”

“Don’t risk people’s lives or losing your licence!”

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