Scott Rees Welcomes New Trainee Paralegals

Scott Rees is always looking to invest in promising personnel and following our recent acquisitions of 3 new solicitors and 4 new paralegals, we are happy to announce yet more arrivals to our ever growing team. We pride ourselves on giving the chance for young people looking for a career in law to join our more experience team members, helping advance their career development. With that in mind we’d like to introduce 2 new trainee paralegals Georgia Gaffney and Lydia Moore.

After an exceptional set of interviews and a chance to meet their new colleges, we caught up with them to see how their first month in Scott Rees is coming along, as well as asking a little about themselves.

Georgia Gaffney is a Skelmersdale native who has joined us after living in the local area all her life. She is excited to be given the chance at developing her career so close to home. Her road to Scott Rees has taken her via her education and close family ties. She first became interested in a legal career in high school, joking she wanted to become a solicitor but doubting if she could actually achieve that aspiration. After taking A level law and continuing through University at Edge Hill, she is well on her way to proving she very well can have a successful law career as she currently studies towards her LPC while on the books at Scott Rees.

Georgia knew of Scott Rees from an early age due to her mother actually working for us when she was a child! From both her mother’s inside knowledge of the firm and the local charity work we regularly perform Georgia has become very familiar with us before even stepping through the front door.

As well as joining Scott Rees, Georgia has already had a rollercoaster start to her professional life, giving birth to her baby son the day before she officially graduated from Edge Hill, ensuring a busy daily routine balancing her work, child and studies. When she does manage to get some free time she enjoys staying active by swimming and going for countryside walks at the weekend.

Our second new addition, Lydia Moore, is also from Skelmersdale born and bred much like her counterpart. It is however, her first taste inside a law environment, learning as she goes, getting to know the ins and outs of paralegal activity.Scott Rees Solicitors New Trainee Paralegal

Achieving a degree in Linguistics and Portuguese, Lydia showed considerable acumen, prompting us to bring her on board and give her the opportunity to begin her legal career from scratch with us. Lydia found our outlook towards staff and work the biggest reason to attend interview. She informed us she had heard very positive things about us previously and from her initial interview could see the friendly, inclusive atmosphere generated from everybody working within Centaur House.

Outside the workplace you will regularly find her travelling, using her language skills (much like many of our Solicitors can) as she takes in new surroundings near and afar. With clients across the UK catered for, we are sure Lydia will see plenty of the country’s towns and cities alongside her more exotic adventures abroad during her downtime.

Managing Partner Royston Smith was quick to welcome the two new team members, telling us “It’s always encouraging to see new talent joining us. We take pride in giving opportunities to those pursuing a career in law and try to create an environment where they feel they want to spend a long time. We like to see new starters do well, earn accreditation and become a vital part of our success. Both Lydia and Georgia showed aspiration, drive and motivation during interview, something that allowed us to make our minds up instantly to bring them on board. I wish them nothing but success as they start their journey towards a long, successful law career as part of the team.”

Scott Rees is always looking to recruit the best talent for legal careers and other departments including finance, marketing, IT and support staff. Take a look at our latest vacancies to start your career with us.