Scott Rees & Co present Special Olympic silver medallists with new kit

Skem Men-aces with Scott Rees celebrating new football kits

Scott Rees & Co presented the Skem Men-Aces, stars of the this summer’s Special Olympics in Bath, with their new away kit which they donated as part of their sponsorship deal announced in the summer.

The new kit, which arrived a fortnight ago got its first outing on Monday fittingly when the Skem Men-Aces took on the very best that Scott Rees & Co has to offer at the JMO sports centre in Blaguegate, Skelmersdale.

As was with the first time the two teams met the standard of football was high as was the enjoyment levels for all involved with the first game against the third team ending 4-4, the second game against their 2nds ending in a victory for the MenAces before Scott Rees came back and pulled off the shock of the night by beating the Men-Aces strongest team 10-9.

Legal Assistant Jamie Hornby, who arranges the firm’s football team, said afterwards: “To see the lads finally getting to play in their new kits was fantastic and everyone had fun on the night.

“The direction this club is taking really is fantastic and it has been a privilege to represent the firm’s ongoing attempts to support the Men-Aces as they look to progress further.”

These words were supported by Scott Rees & Co’s Marketing Partner, David Byrne who said: “We are very proud to sponsor such a terrific club full of terrific people. The kits look fantastic and we hope that they will service the lads well moving into the future.”

Skem Men-Aces are now preparing for one of their toughest challenges yet as they are set to attempt a 17 ton truck pull in order to raise money for the biggest fan, 7 year old Ben Jones’s charity Ben’s Buggy Runs.

Ben, who has been to watch the Aces on numerous occasions and is a big fan, suffers from a rare syndrome called Phelan-McDermid Syndrome and the Men-Aces are hoping to raise plenty of money to help raise money and awareness for the condition.

For more information on what the Skem Men-Aces are doing for Ben and to support their huge effort to raise money, visit their website at

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