Scott Rees & Co get the thumbs up from Laird Assessors

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Independent car inspection experts, Laird Assessors have given Scott Rees and Co a glowing reference for the level of our service, the quality of our communication and the feedback they have received about us from their clients.

A spokesperson speaking on behalf of Laird Assessors said: “We have worked with Scott Rees and Co for a long time now, and throughout that time, we have always found their service levels to be consistently high. The level of detail coming through on instructions is always excellent and we can always get hold of the solicitor if we need to discuss anything. The feedback we receive from their clients is always that of a personable and friendly, yet professional law firm.”

Scott Rees and Co’s Marketing Partner, David Byrne responded to compliments saying: “We would like to thank Laird Assessors for sharing their kind words and for continuing to provide a quality service to ourselves. We have worked together for a long time and we hope that this relationship can continue.”

If you would like to start an injury claim with Scott Rees & Co, simply complete our online claim form or call us on the telephone numbers provided at the top. You can find some of our most popular testimonials that past clients have left for us on Facebook and Google.

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