Scott Rees & Co football team take on the Skem Men-Aces

Scott Rees & Co football team take on the Skem Men-Aces

We are delighted to continue our support for the Skem Men-Aces, by presenting them with a cheque for £1,500 to go towards the funding of their new minibus.

Back in May it was revealed that the outgoing Mayor of West Lancashire, Councillor Doreen Stephenson, had presented the Men-Aces with £12,000 to go towards the cost of a new minibus. Following this, last month, 06 Vauxhall stepped in to secure an affordable deal for them to complete their purchase but, although they already had the large majority of the money required, there was a small shortfall to cover in order to complete the payment.

Since 2013, we have enjoyed a fantastic relationship with the Skem Men-Aces and we were only to happy to step up and donate a further £1,500 to help them out with this.  There was only one way to celebrate this and that was with an evening of football at JMO Sports Park last Tuesday night.

Our 11 strong Scott Rees and Co football team, would take on all three of the Men-Aces teams, who are selected based on the varying levels of ability. To be fair, the same could be said for our team as well, which included a few half decent footballers, the glass knees of the self proclaimed ‘best footballer in the firm’, Paul Meredith, a crocked rugby player and the not so technical style of ‘the terminator’, Tekena Bobmanuel.

The three games were hard thought and extremely competitive but despite our best efforts, the Men-Aces ran riot on the night and enjoyed three relatively comfortable victories, although the final game did produce some fantastic football and the Men-Aces were forced to dig deep to come back from 3-1 down to earn their win.

Carl Eaton, the manager of the Skem Men-Aces said: “We have played against these great bunch of lads on several occasions and its always proved to be a great event. There were a few new faces from Scott Rees and what I did admire is how they adapted their own play to suit that of our first two teams level and ability”

“The three games were played in good spirits and were watched by friends and family of the Scott Rees & Co staff and fans of the Menaces. Jokes and laughter were had in abundance and it truly was a joy to watch.”

“The final game was played against our high ability team and the level of football from both sides was incredible and it was played with the respect that the beautiful game deserves. The sun was shining friends and supporters gathered and friendships were formed which for me is what it truly is all about.”

Scott Rees & Co like to help the community whenever they can and another evening of activities with the Men-Aces could not be passed up. “We love football here at Scott Rees & Co and we couldn’t say no to playing a few games with the Men-Aces” said Scott Rees & Co football team organiser. Ronnie Jones.  “We are so proud to be associated with Skem Men-Aces. Their work in the local community is nothing short of amazing” he added.

paul meredithAfter the match, Paul Meredith (pictured left) presented the cheque to Carl and one he had got his breath back, he said: “We are extremely pleased that our relationship with the Skem Men-Aces keeps going from strength-to-strength. They truly are a credit to the town and we can’t wait to see what other awards and trophies they’ll be bringing home with them on their brand new mini-bus.”


This isn’t the first time Scott Rees & Co have faced off against the Skem Men-Aces, with the first game being played way back in 2013. That day the firm were presenting the Men-Aces with a new away kit, which was on display on Tuesday night. We also  support the team regularly with their many sporting and charity endeavors, including sponsoring one of their players, Martin Makin, to go to the European Championships earlier this year, where he enjoyed success with the UK Mencap football team and supporting the Men-Aces’ charity truck pull last Christmas.

You can keep up to date with the Skem Men-Aces on their website here.  Scott Rees & Co have helped several causes and charities in the local are and beyond and you can view them on our sponsorship page.

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