Scott Rees & Co continues recruitment drive with new paralegals


Rachel and Kate

Two of our new starters, Kate and Rachel

More job news comes as Scott Rees & Co continues to employ new and fresh talent in our growing organisation, with the appointment of Paralegals and Solicitors. We always pride ourselves by always creating new opportunities for people across the North West and Skelmersdale. This not only creates new opportunities for our local people but also means that we can continue to prosper in the law sector. The appointment of Kate, Rachel and Donna is a new and exciting phase for the company and hopefully be the start of a great career for them.

Kate Hindmarch

One of our first recruits to join this summer is Kate Hindmarch (left) who is a trainee Paralegal from Skelmersdale. Kate graduated in July 2015 from Edge Hill University with a Criminology and Criminal Justice degree. Whilst studying, Kate worked on a voluntary basis for a probation firm which gained her vital experience. From this and her degree she knew she wanted to become a Paralegal and have a career in Law. This is a common theme in all our new starters, as many have came from a Law background or just have an interest in the sector. As here at Scott Rees & Co we give people the chance to gain first class experience from the best solicitors in the North West.

Rachel Marlow

Another new starter, Rachel Marlow (right) , is a stage 2 Paralegal with expertise in RTA claims and the portal. Rachel is born and bread in Skelmersdale and graduated like Kate from Edge Hill University. Rachel heard that Scott Rees & Co had a great reputation and was regarded as a great place to work through word of mouth, so decided to apply for a job here. Her previous Paralegal role’s in Southport and Rainford  meant she had vast amounts of experience to bring to the company, which lead to her successfully obtaining the role.  Rachel’s long term ambitions is to study a LPC to become a qualified solicitor and continue her journey with Scott Rees & Co.

We also have a new Medico Paralegal in Law and Health care, Donna Anderson, who has specialisms in medical law and nursing. Donna is originally from Gateacre but now resides in Wavertree, Liverpool. Donna’s favorite part of her role is the research and deduction theory as learnt from Liverpool University whilst doing her Law degree and a Adult Nursing course at John Moores University. Donna is now able to use both her law and nursing background in her new role which i’m sure will be a big asset to Scott Rees & Co. This new job came about when Donna wanted a change in career after 12 years in nursing and thought her nursing and law knowledge would be a key skill within the sector. The team that Donna works with have made her feel welcome and have gave her lots of support, “I work with a fantastic team who are very supportive. I couldn’t be happier!”.

We would like to wish all are new starters the best of luck in there new roles and wish them all the best success in there future careers at Scott Rees & Co. As we continue to grow we will thrive to keep on employing new talent to keep our business current and bring new ideas and insights. Royston Smith, Managing Partner at Scott Rees & Co said, “I would like to congratulate and give a warm welcome to Kate, Rachel and Donna in their new roles.  They all impressed in their interviews. I am sure that with all of their experience and knowledge, they will add to the continued success of the firm as they flourish in their new roles for many years to come. With our continued growth, we want and need to continue to employ the best talent the North West has to offer to ensure that the firm’s success carries on in the future”.

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