Local residents unite to prevent needless road deaths

Earlier in August, an eight vehicle pileup on the A34 claimed the lives of a mother and three children, with sixteen others taken to hospital for injuries. In the wake of the tragedy, a local action group has met to attempt to make the road safer.

Local residents start campaign for a safer A34 - Scott Rees & Co

The A34 has been treated by some “like a motorway” say residents


Lives needlessly lost

The crash happened in early August, claiming the lives of mother Tracey Houghton, her children, Ethan, 13, Josh, 11 and her partner’s daughter Aimee, 11. Her partner Mark and 13 year old son Jake were travelling in the vehicle behind which was also involved. They both required medical treatment for minor injuries.

Following the crash, one man was arrested by police at the scene on suspicion of causing death by dangerous driving. The tragic collision has become the catalyst for a local campaign headed by Ilsley residents to improve road safety in the area (particularly on the A34).


Positive first meeting

Local resident, Alistair Cunningham, attracted 500 members to sign up to be part of the campaign, following the crash. This has prompted the very first meeting, to allow residents to voice their concerns about driver behaviour on the A34. The meeting also spawned an online petition to add speed cameras to the A road. This is being done in an attempt to curtail speeding vehicles and currently sits just above the 2,100 signature mark. The goal of the petition is to get 2,500 signatures.

Locals believe that the road is fundamentally unsafe. This is due to the nature of driver behaviour while using it. One campaigner, whose boyfriend was killed in a previous incident on another stretch of the A34, says that “people treat the A34 like it is a motorway; sometimes travelling at 70mph, maybe even more”.

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The UK average 5 deaths on the roads each day


Five deaths per day

Statistics published last year show the UK averages five road deaths per day on UK roads. While this figure is low, campaigners would still like to reduce the number to no deaths. With A roads currently being treated like motorway stretches by many motorists, attempts to curtail speeding and potential dangerous driving are a welcome proposition..

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