Police launch dangerous driver crackdown scheme

Cheshire Police have recently begun an operation to target drivers who break what they are calling the “fatal 4” while on the road. It began on Monday this week and will conclude this Sunday the 18th September.

fatal injury from dangerous driving crackdown in Cheshire

Curtailing dangerous driving

Drivers who commit 4 common offences which are statistically the most harmful to other road users are to be targeted by a campaign in Cheshire which has already worked well in other regions of the UK.

Known as the “fatal 4” the offences run high risks of providing driver distractions, limiting reaction times and potentially harming many others alongside themselves. The “fatal 4” as they are known are:

  • Drink & drug driving
  • Driving at excessive speeds
  • Not wearing seatbelts
  • Misusing technology

Police will be out in greater numbers and will be assistive technology to identify those on the roads committing any of the 4 offences. Inspector Steve Griffiths of Cheshire Police Taskforce Operations spoke to local newspaper (the Chester Chronicle) about the operation, saying “Of course, we look out for the fatal four every day when policing the county’s roads, and we take action whenever we come across drivers who are committing these offences.

“But operations like these enable us to focus our efforts and educate motorists about how their driving can have an impact on not only themselves, but other road users such as motorbikes and cyclists.”

Scott Rees & Co - Police Speed Camera Van


UK Road dangers

On average, 4 people per day die on Britain’s roads. In the last year that figure has risen 3% over the year previous, coinciding with an increase in traffic. While this is still a low figure when compared to other European countries, it is still not acceptable and the fight to bring that figure to 0 takes place every day.

There are numerous campaigns designed to warn drivers of the risks involved when committing any of the fatal 4 from dramatic public service announcements to poster print campaigns and more; the Cheshire Police operation being a good example of a very active campaign by authorities.

Anybody who commits an offence behind the wheel resulting in injury of any severity, are liable to face legal repercussions including police prosecution. They also become liable for all the damages caused through their negligent actions which include damage to other vehicles and people hurt.

Damage from road traffic accidents can stem from suffering whiplash to as serious an injury as a fatality depending on circumstances. They can affect people in different ways and every injury requires handling properly. Scott Rees & Co have well over 20 years of experience with various injuries from incidents on the road and have the ability to help plan aftercare, rehabilitation and counselling for the victims.

Texting is one of the "fatal 4" of road accidents


If you, a family member or a friend have been a victim of an incident on the road and have suffered any injury, Scott Rees & Co are able to assist you in your fight for justice. We offer no win no fee cases to clients to allow no risk and the piece of mind to know that if your claim is unsuccessful then you won’t pay a penny.

To speak to one of our expert advisors for free, impartial, conscientious advice then you can get in touch either online using our contact form or by calling 01695 722 222 (lines are open weekdays from 9am to 7pm).


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