Merseyside Police Join European Speed Enforcement Marathon

Today marks the day where police officers across Europe are carrying out speed checks as part of a ‘Speed Enforcement Marathon’ initiative.

Scott Rees & Co - Police Speed Camera Van

Officers in Merseyside are out in force for the next 24 hours stopping speeding motorists. They are focusing on areas of the region chosen by Twitter users as part of a vote. The action is part of a week long speed enforcement operation led by the European Traffic Police network.

Scott Rees and Co support speed enforcement

Speeding claims the lives of thousands on UK roads,  year on year and many of our clients suffer because of speeding drivers. Speaking about the initiative, Scott Rees and Co partner, David Byrne gave his full support saying.

“The only negative of this initiative is that it is only lasting for 24 hours. The first thing you do when you know there is a speed patrol in the area is reduce your speed. That instantly reduces the likelihood of an accident.

We deal with road traffic accident injuries on a daily basis, many of which involve speeding drivers. Injuries can vary in severity but the worst case scenarios can leave the victim needing lifelong care.

As a personal injury firm, we are in full support of any initiatives that reduce the number of injuries and fatalities on the road. Lets hope the police continue to introduce such measures.”

Officers are using hand held speed detection devices and unmarked video vehicles. Nearly 2.5 million cars were stopped across Europe last year. Of these 95% were adhering to the speed limits. Before you go home tonight, have a think about your speed and make sure you do not fall within those who are not.

The areas chosen by the public in Merseyside for  observation today  can be found by following the link to the Merseyside police website.

You can also join in the conversation on Twitter by following @MerPolTraffic and @TISPOLorg. So far today one driver has pulled over for drink driving and arrested. However, overall Merseyside Police are reporting that not many tickets are being give out so far, which is great news.

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