PIBA urge government to ensure UK drivers abroad are protected post-Brexit

PIBA urge government to ensure UK drivers abroad are protected post-Brexit

Protect the right of citizen’s who suffer injury in road traffic accidents abroad post-Brexit. This is the message being personal injury solicitors are relaying to the Government.

The decision to leave the European Union is one that has decided the country. More recently, the debate has been over how and when we will invoke Article 50 and Brexit.

There are many concerns over the decision to leave the EU. The rights of UK citizens who suffer injury using Europe’s roads being one of them.

Currently if you are hurt in a road traffic accident abroad, you can pursue a claim through the domestic courts. You can also be defended from a claim being made by a driver from another member state. However, what happens when we do decide to leave?

Failure to preserve current agreement costly

As part of their submission to the second edition of The Brexit Papers, the  Personal Injury Bar Association (PIBA) are fighting to ensure that UK citizen’s remain protected post Brexit. They argue that failure to preserve the current arrangements could bring injustice to injured parties. This injustice could come at a significant cost to the UK.

Currently, the UK saves hundreds of millions of pounds on costs for treatment, social care and benefits according to PIBA. If this legislation changes, then it could come at a cost to the UK government. More importantly, it could deny victims of road traffic accidents, the right to claim for their injuries.

The legislation that is causing the most concern for PIBA is the Great Repeal Bill. Theresa May’s proposal on how the government are invoking Article 50.  PIBA points out that it cannot oblige insurers domiciled in EU states to remain accessible to UK residents post-Brexit. Furthermore it cannot oblige equivalents of the MIB in EU states to co-operate with identifying insurers, handling or settling claims in the UK courts.

PIBA propose internationally binding agreement

In response, PIBA are proposing a new internationally binding agreement that will ensure co-operation between EU and non EU states. This will secure guarantees between the UK’s Motor Insurance Bureau (MIB) and the EU equivalent. As a result it will be protecting the rights of UK motorists who suffer injury in EU states.

PIBA also recommends translating the Sixth Motor Insurance Directive and Rome II Regulation into domestic law. This will guarantee that UK judgments are enforceable within the EU by accession to the 2007 Lugano Convention.

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