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Poisoning Claims

Being poisoned, whether accidental or deliberate, is not a nice experience and can have a huge affect on the way you live your life in the future. Poisoning occurs when harmful substances are either digested or absorbed by your body. From here you can suffer from a number of symptoms and develop conditions that can discomfort you for the rest of your life. In some cases the effects of being poisoned can also be fatal.

Types of poisoning claims

There are many different types of poisoning each caused in a different way, with different reactions including:

Food poisoning: This type of poisoning can occur when something is under cooked, out of date or cross contaminated and will often lead to nausea and exhaustion. We have a full page on food poisoning right here to view. Food poisoning has a variety of agents including Salmonella, E.Coli and Norovirus. Victims may experience a range of symptoms from sickness and diarrhoea to cramps, muscle soreness and feelings of weakness/exhaustion. We have a page dedicated to food poisoning injuries here if you need further, more specific information on any form of food poisoning.

Carbon Monoxide: Carbon monoxide poisoning is known as the “silent killer” and is caused by being exposed to the gas through badly maintained home appliances such as a boiler and is very harmful to humans. Inhaling a high percentage of carbon monoxide can be fatal due to it stopping blood being carried around the body. The effect of carbon monoxide poisoning is a feeling of confusion, tiredness and sluggishness; sustained exposure to carbon monoxide can prove fatal. The combination of making a person tired before potentially suffocating them while they sleep is what can make carbon monoxide poisoning incredibly dangerous.

Pesticide exposure: Pesticides are designed to kill insects by containing toxins and chemicals that can be dangerous when we are exposed to it. Ranging from mild one off exposure to sustained, it can cause headaches, dizziness, vomiting, chemical burns, and unconsciousness and eventually lead to fatalities. Proper PPE and an open environment are the best ways to ensure safety when using pesticides.

How to make a poisoning claim

Compensation claims for poisoning can help you cover the medical and rehabilitation costs you may require if you are badly affected by the symptoms and can also compensate you for any loss of earnings.

Our Catastrophic injury team has experience in dealing with cases involving poisoning and are proud of their record when it comes to getting the compensation our clients deserve when it has occurred as a result of another individual. For advice on whether you can claim, contact our catastrophic injury department by filling out the claim form or call us for free.

Why Scott Rees?

Scott Rees & Co have over 20 years of personal injury experience with dedicated, specialist solicitors. We have an array of experience of cases involving poisoning in all forms. We understand that poisoning injuries can be life changing and even carry the risk of death. With that in mind we know that your case can be very sensitive and will treat you in a professional and empathetic manner. We strive to give you the maximum compensation available for your injury without leaving you at risk. With our no win no fee policy we enable you to start a claim under no pressure knowing if you aren’t successful, you won’t pay a penny.

Other poison injury claims

Case Studies

2009 – Patient was poisoned by a hogweed plant – £2,500

The client was working at his usual workplace and was asked to perform a task outside of his duties which was to pull up a particular plant in the outdoor work area he normally worked in. the plant asked to pull up was a hogweed plant which is poisonous but not known to the client. He wasn’t provided any safety equipment to perform the task and pulled up the large plant with his hands. After doing so he felt throughout the day, a burning sensation over his hands and forearms.

Later in the day he began to notice red patches similar to a severe rash on his left hand. The symptoms grew worse over the course of the evening until he began to feel sick the following day while at work. While at work the following day his hands began to develop blisters. It was confirmed after he’d made his condition known that outside of the workplace there were poisonous plants and the one he rooted could have been one.

He visited the hospital on the 4th ay following his injury where he was prescribed medicine to treat the red patches. Following the hospital visit he was away from work for a further 2 weeks to recuperate while the redness and soreness subsided. While he recovered during the 2 week period he has been left with scars on his right hand and when outside in sunshine his hands begin to feel a burning/scratching sensation.

After getting in contact with Scott Rees we were able to guide the client swiftly through the claim process using our no win no fee basis to help alleviate any pressure. After admitting liability his employers agreed to settle the claim before court proceedings were required and Scott Rees were able to award him with £2,500 in damages.

2011 – Client inhaled toxic fumes to due unlabeled chemicals – £3,100

The client was performing his usual duties as a specialist engineer out on call. In the room he was working in was a carbon dioxide machine which requires regular refuelling with hydrochloric acid and sodium hyperchlorite. The client was filling the machine with the required liquids when he realised one of the containers had been improperly labelled. The containers with the acid and alkali in them are usually labelled and are expressed in the labelling to not mix due to the toxic nature of the reaction when mixed.

Due to the non labelling of the containers the client was unaware that he was mixing the chemicals until he noticed a yellow/white gas vapour escaping from the machine which filled the room. The client instantly was unable to breath and fell to the floor before being able to escape the gas via the back door. The gas raised the fire alarms which alerted the local fire department. The client had however already inhaled some of the gas and had begun to feel very dizzy and weak at the legs.

He was taken to hospital and given oxygen for 4 hours before being discharged. Upon leaving hospital he encountered many chest pains at night while trying to sleep. He also developed a long lasting cough from the gas. His incident has resulted in a long term lung issue leaving him short of breath for periods of time and encountering tight pains at random intervals.

We were able to take the client’s case on and also able to agree with the manufacturer of the containers that they were liable due to their products not being supplied labelled. The case was settled outside of court and we were happy to award £3,100 to the client in damages for his experience.

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