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Fatal Injury Claims

No person should ever lose their lives on the roads or in work, and when it happens as a result of an accident that was  avoidable  it can be an even more traumatic experience. We appreciate that as you grieve for your loved one, the last thing you want to think about are bills and providing for your family. In some cases this is made harder when your children have lost a father or mother and you are left on your own to provide for them. But if the accident that claimed the life of your loved one was caused by the negligence of another. Then you might be able to claim for compensation which can help to cover outstanding bills, funeral costs and support for you and any dependents you may have moving into the future.

Making a Fatal Injury Claim

Our fatal injury claims team have been helping people who have lost loved ones in accidents for 20 years and will handle all aspects of your claim with the minimum of fuss, allowing you to grieve in peace, without any further worry.

Early Assistance

The long term recovery of the relatives of the deceased are a high priority for Scott Rees. However, we do also take the best care of ensuring arrangements for costs such as the funeral costs or transportation if the incident was not near the victim’s home. The early aftermath of a fatal incident is vital to the recovery of family members as they will want to know their loved one is being taken care of and that additional pressure is not heaped on their shoulders. In a case as sensitive as a fatality we will strive to ensure costs are covered as and when, with interim payments before any final settlement if necessary.

A fatal injury case is almost a 2 part process. The first dealing with the victim, adhering to the families wishes and allowing a smooth journey from accident to the funeral, the second part being the family’s recovery, and ensuring they are able to come to terms safely with what has happened.

The Recovery Process

A fatal injury will affect a family no-matter who has passed. Depending on the nature of the accident and whether it was preventable, the toll taken on the remaining family members can be extreme. We have encountered many unfortunate cases which have required us to assist not only in the immediate aftermath but to give the family the best support available to help see them through the testing period following a death and to ensure all affected by the fatality avoid development of any mental health issues caused by the loss.

Scott Rees go far beyond delivering a monetary sum at the conclusion of a serious or catastrophic injury case. We have a dedicated team of expert solicitors who are able to assemble “crisis teams” to help with the most serious cases. These teams will allow you access to any personnel required in any serious case. During non fatal cases they would contain any physical therapists required to help the victim and family; whereas in a fatal injury case the team will be solely focussed on helping a family recover and move on from their situation.

It is incredibly unfortunate to lose a family member, and the grieving process may take a long time. However, what is important is that following that process, all concerned with the accident are able to live their life as they did before the incident. Their loss will never be recovered no matter the financial gain or counselling given, but what can be done is give them every chance to live their lives without the burden of wanting justice for their relative and to know that those responsible have been held accountable.

Why Scott Rees?

As a specialist injury solicitors for more than 20 years, Scott Rees has had the experience to handle cases of this nature, knowing the care required to best suit the bereaved family. We are able to empathise with those involved in these cases, able to think in the best interests of those affected to see them through the short and long term recovery process.

We know the concerns of a family are to see those responsible for the victim’s death are brought to justice, and we also want that too. If this is the situation you find yourself in, we know you may not be thinking of making a claim and wish to grieve a loss; we can however offer free, impartial and empathetic advice on how best to resolve the case regarding your loved one, deliver you the justice deserved and give your family member the treatment they deserve.

If you want to talk to one of our friendly advisors, please do call us for free or if you do not wish to talk right now but want to schedule a conversation for a time better suited to you, simple request a call-back here and we can work within your own schedule.

Case Studies

2010 – Claimant’s Husband Crushed By Planks – £117,000

The claimant’s husband was working in a factory as a carpenter an was asked along with a group of other of the workers there to move some wood panels as a group roughly 12m long. One of the group present accidentally hit the pile of boards that were stood up against a wall while carrying some heavy machinery which in turn knocked the boards over. They fell onto the claimant’s husband who sustained a crush injury to the head which unfortunately killed him at the scene of the incident.

The weight of the entire pile which fell onto the claimant’s husband was roughly 300kg. The pile of boards were positioned in a very precarious position given their weight and potential for damage, costing the claimant’s partners wife.

Scott Rees understands this type of claim is extremely sensitive as the death leaves the family which includes children without a father and the claimant bereaved of her husband. The loss of earnings within the case would of course be a large problem in the future for the claimant to deal with as well as the emotional burden of trying to run a house with children without a partner to assist, alongside requiring to deal with the fact they are not present anymore.

We were able to arrange interim payments to organise funeral costs and initial loss of earnings so the claimant did not need to be worried about the cost of running the household. After this period we were able to put together a crisis team to allow the claimant all the future planning and therapy she required to help deal with such a devastating loss. Finally, to compensate for the large loss of earnings we were able to reward our client with £117,000. We understand the sum will never replace the life lost but thankfully the financial security of the claimant and her children will no longer be a worry following her husband’s death.

2009 – Claimant’s Father Fell From Unsafe Scaffolding – £67,956

The claimant’s father was a joiner working on a roof of a private residential property as an independently contracted worker. Working on the roof of the property being renovated he was undertaking his work at the top of the house. Scaffolding was placed around the house, using bricks as a base, no mid height safety rail and 2 planks as a floor rather than the conventional 4. Those who employed the claimant’s father erected the scaffold had no formal qualifications for doing so.

During the course of his work the claimant’s father stepped back from the roof and fell backwards from the scaffolding due to the unsteady nature (due to the brick foundations) and lack of safety rail. He fell to the ground from the top of the scaffolding which resulted in a fatality.

Scott Rees were sympathetic to the claimant, knowing this accident was easily preventable by erecting safe scaffolding. We were able to organise funeral costs through an interim payment while the case was being disputed to allow the claimant to lay his father to rest. He then continued to assist with the claimant in bringing those responsible for his father’s death to accountability. Scott Rees secured £67,956 for the claimant on behalf of his father, bringing with it the knowledge those responsible were brought to justice and being able to lay his father to rest without worrying about the financial burden.

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