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Lorry Accident Claims

What is a lorry accident?

A lorry accident is an accident that results in bodily injury to the driver of the lorry. The injury to the lorry driver may have derived from employer negligence, or by the negligence of drivers of other road vehicles.

Lorry collisions are usually bad news for everyone. Overturned lorries with their huge size and weight are difficult to move and will likely cause long traffic delays. Lorries can sometimes carry hazardous chemicals that require specialists to clean up to prevent further damage or danger to the environment, animals and humans.

Types of lorry accidents

Injuries to the lorry driver can happen for different reasons including:

  • Other vehicles colliding into your lorry
  • Driving in high winds that result in a light-weight lorry toppling (employer’s liability if they required that you drive knowing that the dangerous weather may affect your journey)
  • Slipping and injuring themselves upon exiting or entering the lorry cabin (employer’s liability for not providing the adequate work attire)
  • Injuring themselves by lifting far too heavy objects (employer’s liability for not providing adequate training and instructions on work procedures)

What should you do after a lorry accident?

As a lorry driver you should know what exactly you are transporting in your vehicle. This will help considerably in situations where your lorry may be carrying hazardous materials and has overturned causing a spillage. For urgent situations like this the fire services need to know what the hazardous material is in order to help with the clean up.

All lorry accidents where personal injury has occurred should be reported to your employer.

All road traffic accidents should be reported to the police within 24 hours.

Many lorries nowadays have a dashboard camera recording the events happening in front and sometimes behind the lorry. This can be vital evidence for road traffic accident claims should it capture the scene and the reason for the accident.

Take photos of your injuries, and if possible, what caused the injury. The more relevant photographic evidence you take, the better it is for your claim.

Why should you claim for lorry accidents?

If you have suffered injury from the accident and we believe that the fault is not wholly yours, then you should claim for compensation. Having an injury may require you to take time off work to recover, and this may affect your work pay and bonuses. You may need to travel to your doctor and incur expenses that you would not have had had you not been injured by the accident. By bringing a claim, your compensation would cover for all of the above.

If the fault of your accident is found to lie with your employer, then your claim would be against your employer. There is nothing wrong with claiming for compensation against your employer. Contrary to popular belief, your job security would not be at risk.

Limitation period for lorry accident claims

A limitation period is the maximum time allowed to bring a claim to the courts after an event has occurred. The limitation period for a lorry accident claim involving injury is usually 3 years.

Do you have a valid claim?

Every accident is different and happens under different circumstances. However, if the accident was not wholly your own fault then you may be entitled to bring a claim.

We have been dealing with road traffic accidents for more than 20 years and have settled many lorry-related accident claims. Why not contact Scott Rees & Co with your lorry accident claim so we can advise you on your next course of action? Contacting us is free of charge due to our no win no fee service. To start your enquiry you can simply call us on the numbers or fill in our online claim form, both provided up top.

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