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Car Accident Claims

What is a car accident?

A car accident is a type of road traffic accident involving a collision between two or more cars.

The most common car accidents that happen are:

  • Rear-end car collisions from cars slowing down too late
  • Car collisions from changing lanes
  • Car crashes as a result from emerging from a junction
  • Car collisions from parking and manoeuvres

What should you do after a car accident?

You should stop and park the car nearby if it is safe and possible to do so.

Report the car crash to the police within 24 hours of it happening regardless of how minor the accident appears.

You should exchange contact details (name, address and phone number) with everyone involved in the car crash including any witnesses at the scene.

As bad as it sounds but you should avoid apologising in the aftermath of the accident. If the fault of the car crash cannot be exactly determined, then your words during the scene may be used against you.

Take photographs of all the damaged cars, their registration plates and the position of the damaged cars on the road. Make sure you also have close-up photos that highlight the damage. The more photographic evidence you can provide for your insurers and solicitors towards your car crash claim, the better.

Why should you claim for a car accident?

If the road traffic accident wasn’t your fault; your road traffic insurers will usually only cover the cost of repairs to your car, or pay you your car’s current market value if it is considered a write-off. People will often seek out solicitors like Scott Rees & Co for compensation claims in recovering expenses including loss of earnings and personal injury damages.

Scott Rees & Co solicitors are a specialist firm in dealing with road traffic accidents. We deal with more road traffic accident claims than any other claim. We have successfully settled many car crash claims totalling several millions of pounds. We offer unparalleled advice on car crashes of any kind and will use our experience to help you win the compensation that you deserve.

Limitation period for car accident claims

A limitation period is the maximum time permitted to bring a claim to the courts after an event has occurred. The limitation period for a car accident claim involving personal injury is 3 years. For damages to your car you have up to 6 years to claim. The limitation period for injuries to children in a car accident lasts until they turn 21 years of age.

Do you have a valid claim?

You can still bring a claim when:

  • the defendant for the car collision does not have car insurance
  • the responsible party does a hit and run and have not been identified by the police
  • each party is partly responsible for the car collision

We advise that all road traffic accident claims should be made the sooner the better. Whether you have questions about your car collision, or about starting your claim, you should contact Scott Rees & Co. We work on a ‘no win no fee’ basis so contacting Scott Rees by calling us or filling in our online claim form is free of charge. Let us listen to your story so our solicitors can give you the advice and guidance you may need with your compensation claim.

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