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Chemical Peel Claims

A Chemical Peel is a popular procedure in the UK, but if it is not done correctly it can cause serious implications. A negligent procedure can be the result of an unqualified doctor or the wrong chemical being used. If this has happened to you then feel free to ring Scott Rees & Co today for free, friendly advice, without obligation and find out whether we can help you get the justice you deserve.

What is a Chemical Peel?

A Chemical Peel is a procedure that helps treat skin conditions, such as ache, age spots and wrinkles. The procedure uses a caustic acid that is applied to the skin to burn its outer layers (epidermis), which allows new skin to grow. Some chemical peels may burn deeper into the dermis layer of the skin. The general purpose of this treatment is to remove blemishes, sun damaged or freckled skin, but if not done correctly it can cause permanent skin damage. A chemical peel might not be suitable for everyone, as people who are on certain medications and have facial warts, may not be suitable for the treatment. This is why you must seek medical advice from you GP before you under go any cosmetic procedures.

What can go wrong?

As the treatment uses chemicals, the main thing that can go wrong is major scaring, caused by excessive burning. Other complications include:

  • Scarring
  • Burns
  • Irritation
  • Skin reaction
  • Changes in skin colour
  • Infection
  • Heart, kidney or liver damage (carbolic chemicals can damage heart muscle)

These are all risks that need to be considered before you have a chemical peel. Even if you are using a reputable company for the treatment, things can go wrong and serious consequences can occur.

If you have had this treatment and are experiencing any of the above symptoms. it is important that you seek medical attention.

What are the implications?

The implications can vary depending on the severity of the symptoms you show. Chemical peels can affect individuals in different ways, and like most medical treatments, there is the possibility of a reaction. In most cases, people who have a chemical peel experience a tingling sensation and peeling of skin after the procedure, but others may experience severe burning sensations.

Being affected by these symptoms can cause you to suffer from low self-esteem, restrict you from going outside (due to light sensitivity) and, due to the pain you are suffering, stop you from going into work. It can also make you feel as if you cannot carry on with your normal everyday life and therefore cause you suffer feelings of anxiety and depression.

The implications of above outcomes can in-turn put pressure on both you and your families finances, especially if you are the main or soul earner in the household, as well as cause wider stress on the relationships that mean the most to do you, due to your inability to do the things that come naturally.

Post treatment claims: What can I get compensation for?

If you have suffered complications from a chemical peel, you can get compensation for the following:

  • Physical injuries
  • Scarring
  • Psychological scarring
  • Catching an infection after treatment
  • Malpractice

When you have a cosmetic treatment, you expect to get the outcome you were promised. You have placed your trust in the trained professional performing the procedure, so therefore you feel particularly let down when something goes wrong, due to negligence.

Negligence should not just be accepted and if you have suffered long term damage to the skin, as a result of the negligence of your cosmetic treatment specialists, then you could be entitled to claim for compensation.

How we can aid your recovery?

Here at Scott Rees & Co we have over 20 years experience in personal injury and medical negligence. We pride ourselves on providing access to the best treatment and care possible to our clients. That is why, in the instance where you have suffered because of treatment that has gone wrong, we will ensure our clients are seen by one of the best medical professionals, in your area, wherever you are in the UK.

Treatment following negligence can come at a cost, so claiming compensation can be important to ensure that you are given the best chance of making as close to a full recovery as possible. Compensation can help pay for corrective surgery, where it is needed was well as help to cover any financial burdens that arise from you having to take time off work, all of which will allow you to focus on getting your life back on track.

How to make a claim

For free advice, without obligation, simply fill in the claim form on the right hand side of the page or give us a call. We will be sure to answer any of your questions about whether or not you could make a claim for compensation and will help to give you peace of mind that making a claim is the right option for you

No win, no fee

All of our solicitors work on a no win no fee basis, which means that, providing you are completely honest and follow the instructions given to you by us, you won’t have to pay a penny if we are unsuccessful with your claim, so there really is nothing to lose by getting in touch.

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