Parents told they ‘must agree or face fee’ over child maintenance

Parents told they must agree or face fee over child maintenance

Single parents across the UK are set to receive letters from the Government to inform them of some changes to the child maintenance system, which will see those who can’t agree over child maintenance, charged a fee.

In what is being sounded out as a scheme to cut the cost to the taxpayer, the Government is aiming to force the hand of parents who are no longer together to come to agreements over who pays what, amicably.

The proposal has already faced stern criticism from the charity, Gingerbread, who support single parents, who are concerned that it will leave some parents in unstable arrangements.

Speaking on behalf or Gingerbread was Chief Executive, Fiona Weir, who said: “While many parents are able to agree private child maintenance, for many other parents, this just isn’t possible without government help.

“We’re very concerned that closing CSA cases and bringing in charges may deter some parents from making new child maintenance agreements or pressure single parents into unstable arrangements, and children will lose out on vital support.”

The current system saw parents relying on the use of the Child Support Agency (CSA) on order to sort out payments, but that is all set to change and moving forward parents will be asked to deal with the issue among themselves or the paying parent will see a 20% fee added on to their maintenance bill, with the receiving parent having to pay 4%.

Once again, it would appear that the Government have got their eyes on financial issues rather than what is best for those involved.

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