NHS Trusts begin to see new phototherapy machines

Good news for those suffering from skin conditions like eczema and dermatitis. Some local NHS trusts (including our local trust hospital in nearby Ormskirk) have been enjoying the benefits of brand new phototherapy machines to replace outdated models.

Dermatitis is a common workplace illness

Light therapy

Skin conditions are often treated with some form of light treatment. Some common skin conditions, like eczema and dermatitis, require regular light therapy to treat. Other more serious conditions, like skin cancer, can also benefit from light treatment depending on its development stage.

Machines for this range from simple lamps to sunbed-like pods, where the patient will stand in or lay on to receive treatment. Older machines, which are in use in a lot of UK trusts, while still useable, are becoming outdated and inefficient.


New cabinets

The new technology allows timed treatments of skin conditions from 25 seconds up to 5 minutes. It also allows nurses to assess skin cancer patients.

A local trust hospital in Ormskirk was one of the first in the country to be given the new cabinets. Staff were very pleased to already see benefits only a few weeks after implementing the new cabinets. Staff Nurse. Lauren Penn. told the local newspaper “The UVB rays heal a variety of skin conditions. They penetrate the skin and heal from the inside out.”

“We have already seen an improvement in skin conditions for patients who are using the new cabinets.”


Helping high risk workers

Some workplaces have a high risk of skin problem development. from eczema to skin cancer. Treatment of these skin conditions will hopefully soon be using the state of the art technologies across the country.

As a personal injury firm, we have seen numerous cases of work induced skin conditions on the past. We are happy to know our local clients now have access to state of the art technology with more to come in the future around the country.

If you, a friend or a family member hassuffered any skin conditions resulting from unnecessary exposure at work, get in touch with one of our expert team by calling 01695 722 222 (lines are open weekdays from 9am to 7pm) or by filling in our claim form online.

We work on a ‘no win no fee’ basis for our clients to ensure there is no risk in starting a claim safe in the knowledge that even if your claim is unsuccessful you won’t have to pay a penny. With no risk in starting a claim, call us today and see what we can do to help you.



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