New Report Reveals Road Safety Insight

Road safety

A new report published by the Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety (PACTS) and Direct Line Insurance group has given a new insight as to what area are susceptible to road traffic accidents, based on their constituency.

The report, which will be seen as a road safety dashboard will paint a clearer picture as to where road casualties occur across the country’s numerous constituencies, allowing MPs to get a clearer picture of the safety ratings of their roads.

It is hoped that the information detailed by the report will help local governments decide what actions need to take place to ensure that road safety improves under their stewardship for all road users.

The Executive Director of PACTS, David Davies explained: “Once the outcome of the General Election is known, the Government will consider its strategy for road safety.”

“MPs have vital roles in promoting road safety – passing legislation, scrutinising the Government’s policies and representing the interests of their constituents. As the democratically elected representative for the constituency, an MP will often be the person to champion local road safety issues and to bring together the many public and private organisations involved.”

In 2013, 183, 670 people were reported as injured on British roads. This includes 23,370 fatalities or seriously injured. The cost of these casualty rates came in at £15b and with the current Government on a cost cutting mission, this is certainly a figure that they will want to bring down.

David Byrne comments on new road safety dashboard reportScott Rees and Co Partner, David Byrne, claimed that the information found in the report should be a useful guideline to whoever is in Government after the election. He explained: “This information could be incredibly useful to whoever is in power after May’s election. There is certainly enough information to suggest that the number of accidents occurring on the road and then being claimed for, are down to road safety issues and not just ‘fraud’ or a claims culture.”

“Hopefully the incoming or returning Government can see this from the report and begin to look for further ways to improve road safety, rather than just taking aim at the victims of Road Traffic accidents.”

“The figure of 23,370 people involved in serious or fatal injury on the road is an alarming one as it the cost to the taxpayer that this high number of claims is worth.”

“After the elections, whoever it is that is chosen to run the legal section needs to take note and focus their attentions on the roads themselves and not just where they can make financial trimmings to fill Governments pockets.”

The report showed that the highest casualty rates on the road occur in Great Grimsby at some 52% above the national average. Grimsby is closely followed by Preston, Peterborough, Boston and Skegness and Bradford East and West.

In terms of serious injury and fatalities Banff and Buchan top the list, 111% higher than the British National average and the safest constituency in the UK in terms of road traffic accidents causing serious or fatal injury is Bath.

For more information on road safety in the uk read the full Road Safety Dashboard report.

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