Movember sweeps Scott Rees & Co

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As many people will know this month for the past few years has been taking over by moustaches in a bid to raise awareness for testicular cancer and money towards the charities that are fighting to rid of it.

Legal Executive David Smith is Scott Rees’s face of Movember this year as he grows his moustache for this great cause and as you can see from the picture above and from visiting his Movember page his effort is coming along nicely.

Scott Rees & Co employees celebrating movember

Speaking about Movember he said: “This really has been a great idea over the past few years to help raise awareness among men about the dangers and symptoms of testicular cancer and how important checking for the signs really is. Hopefully my effort will be a good one and I can raise plenty of money in the process.”

You can support David’s effort by visiting his Mo Bro page or writing a cheque to Movember Europe and referencing his registration ID: 8671265 and send it to Movember Europe, PO Box 68600, London, EC1P 1EF.

David is also supported by Vicky Bell (both pictured) in the Scott Rees and Co accounts department who has decided to get involved. Don’t worry she is not growing a moustache; instead she is making and selling Movember Chocolate Moustaches to help raise money.

Talking about why she has decided to get involved this year, Vicky said: “To be honest I wanted to do it because I can’t really join in with Movember myself so thought this would be a good idea for raising some money and also to help get the word out about Movember a little more.”

You can purchase one of Vicky’s homemade Movember Chocolate Moustaches by popping round to the accounts department and donating £1.

We will keep you posted over the next few weeks on David and Vicky’s progress and how much money they are each able to raise for this more than worthwhile cause.

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